Wr450 OR WR250

Go with the 450. You will need to keep the 250 wound up all the time to enjoy it. I'm 48 ..... go with the 450 you won't regret it!

I will probably ride my WR250F for a couple of years to get my riding chops back and then move on to a brand new 450. I think my 240 pounds (or even if I lose down closer to 200 which is where I ought to weigh) kills the power too much on the 250. The power on the 250 is more on top and I think I would rather have more low end that the larger displacement 450 will deliver.

I will revaluate which brand and whether to go WR or YZ when it comes time to purchase one. If I buy a YZ, I would probably put a kickstand on it and a coolant recovery tank and maybe WR lights for night riding. That new 2010 YZ450F sure looks like a nice bike.

Say it with me... eeeeeeeeeee start. Kicking for the old men blows, especially after a get off or on a steep hill.

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