Floating front disc: is it supposed to be loose?

With the front brake on, I can 'clunk' back and forth and watch the floating disc mount move against the disc.

As much as 1/8" is considered in spec though I would prefer less than 1/16".

It has so much play that I feel it 'clunk' when riding.

Do you replace it as a set?

What do you mean "a set"?

Yeah, that's been typical for me, about every 18 months my rivets are all loose and I just get a new rotor... usually find the best deals for rotors on ebay or tt classifieds.

Why do I need a floating disc? None of my other bikes have had one.

There are lots of 'wave' rotors on ebay that are not floating.

Floating disc's retain less heat, but seems that you can go back to a solid since the hub is the same for early years without. I may go back to solid when the gap gets to wide.

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