Alpinestar Boot Re-sole???

Anyone, had their tech 8's re-soled? I had my left one come loose big time this past weekend. I've located soles, but I am looking for re-sole tips/tricks. I am going to have a shoe/boot shop do the work unless you guys think otherwise. Any tips would be great.

I sent mine to Alpinestars for a resole. $85 included return shipping, insoles, soles, and metal tips. All done in less than 3 weeks, inluding shipping out and back.

Thats a good case buying SIDI force SRS boots. The replacement soles are 16 bucks and can be done by anyone with 10 minutes and a phillips.

Thats a good idea, I didn't think about that.

By the way, there must have been some kind of computer spazz on my end or TT's, causing the extra post :)

Now, if this was a Friday night after a couple of cold :D ones I would accept full blame.

Antman, just curious. My sole de-laminated, or came apart in two pieces. This will require a complete sole replacement. Do the Sidi's have a system to replace the entire sole? If so, how durable are the screws, ie: loosing them while riding? Thanks for the heads-up, I'm going to look at their web site.

Yes, the whole sole gets replaced. Check them out SIDI

I did mine but that was just the arch insert. If the entire sole is delaminating I'd have the boot shop do it unless you are ready for a challenge. Basically it's all in the contact cement. I have done a ton of climbing shoes and that's a snap. The insert arch on the boot was easy as well. Unscrew the screws, heat up the sole, peel it off, clean the new piece and the sole where it is going, reapply contact cement to both, let them get tacky dry, put them together, screw in screws, apply a lot of pressure for five minutes, set over night, trim off excess and ride. :)

I've heard of people using Sidi soles on Astars. But that's all i've heard. Order some Sidi soles since there only $16 and bring them to a good shoe repair place, and they might be able to hook you up.

If you don't want to do that, just bring your boots to a shoe repair place and 70% of the time they'll have replacement soles in stock. atleast they do around here anyway. It might be cheaper and faster than sending the to the factory.

I live in central Pennsylvania which is Amish country. Near my house the Amish have a shoe repair shop. I bought the Alpinestar sole replacements and toe caps and dropped them off at the Amish shoe store. 3 days later I have 2 brand new soles and toe caps for the bargain price of $3.50. That's not a typo, Three dollars and fifty cents.

The guy behind the counter looked at the boots and gave me this deer in headlights look. He asked me if they were Moon Boots, lol. None-the-less, they did a great job at a ludicrous price.

Alpinestars sends their boots for repair to:

Sole Performance located in

Encinitas, California 1-800-944-2755. Complete sole replacement is 60-70.00

Another great place for repair is:

Freemont Boot Repair

124 Stewart

Freemont, MI 49412


Thanks for the tips, I'm going to catch a flight up to Penn. ASAP :) Wow, $3.50!

I will just take them to a local boot shop and let them handle it. Seems the price over the phone is running $25-30.

Hiflyer - check your PM's.

Thanks for the input. The sole "bed" is in servicable shape, the lower tread layer came off, so my wife took them to a saddle shop/boot shop she goes to and they: removed, cleaned and re-attached both of the delaminated "treads" to the soles today for $15!

Until the "sole" gets ruined I'll use this repair method till it wont work anymore. I pressure wash the crap out of these things and I'm sure that doesn't help the life span.

Either way, vented Tech 8's are on the way... :)

I also took my boots to the amish.It cost me 10 smackers tho.

I also took my boots to the amish.It cost me 10 smackers tho.

hmmm... Sounds like they're catching on! :cry: - ET

This is an old thread but my computer has been down. Anyway, I have sent my tech 8`s in to astars twice and never had to pay a dime. Buy the top of the line Oxtars. They are way better. I have two years on them and the soles are real good yet.

I've my both by sets of boots sent to Alpinestars. My practice pair three soles and my race boots one new sole set. Great price for the value! Oh ya, I've had my boots for almost 4 years!

Any good sites to buy the soles from? I have the 03 models and need a new sole also.

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