Moving breather hose to airbox

Looking to move the breather hose on my 2002 WR 426 up to the airbox. I am tired of the dripping oil on my garage floor and rather not worry about sucking water.

Any tips on exactly where to place the hose? Does it matter if the hose is above the valve cover (top of airbox)?

Thanks for the help.

I just bought a WR with that hose moved to the airbox and a little bottle to collect the oil. The first thing i did was remove it.

The space in the airbox will get smaller, dont know if it has any effect on the motor, but still smaller air box.

Second thing is that when i removed it and let it hang loose it started to drop out oil that was left in the hose. And the oil that dripped out was white/gray from condensation from the hot oil. I dont want white/gray oil flow back in to the engine, if thats even possible? But i want to be on the safe side.

Maby it is a safe mod to do... But i rather wipe the floor=)

I'm planning of moving mine to the front of the engine useing a red bull can I seen pictures done like that since it's require if you do Supermoto track

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