I went against the recommended setting on my mono-shock and ran the spanner nut high enough were the spring has a little tension on it to keep it from bouncing around. It was the only way I could set on this bike with both feet touching. Need to cut down my kickstand, almost wants to fallover. My question is, what harm will this do on seting the nut too high?

You should get a lowering kit for your bike. Most dealers can do this for you. The front and rear need to be done. Have a local welding shop cut the kick stand end off 2" and reweld a small round plate. Paint it yourself. That is the best way to keep the bike geometry working the way Yamaha intended. :)

Also, if you don't run the proper sag, the supension will be riding in the stiffer part of the travel, so the rear end will feel harsh. The suspension will work much better with it properly lowered.

Were can I get a lowering kit? The dealer didnt have a clue on how too lower bike?

Contact one of the suspension specialists, like race tech. Check past posts also, there may be something on another forum.

Try Their site says they will have a lowering kit in June. I don't know anything about them. You might check the Big shops like Race Tech also. If they don't have a kit, they may be able to piont you in the right direction. Where is Carterville? I'm originally from Bloomington. :)

Thanks for the information. Carterville is about 6 miles east of Carbondale. OK town.Originally from Pinckneyville IL :)

heading down to your area to ride on the weekend of the 25th never been down there before a friend set it up. some place that is only open on the weekends. going to buy a new wr450f this week to take down there . how do you like yours?

Love mine now all the mods are done. I just didnt know! :D(first real dirt bike). Im in the process of making it street-leagal. Have to work out some bugs (keep blowing head-light bulbs. (2) ) Called Bill at Baja desings, working with me on this one, nice and very helpfull. Hope to get it figured out soon. I hope your ride is joyable out here, most my off road is at old strip-mine areas. Never road at a play-too-pay park. Hear they are fun.( If thats what your doing). :)

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