good handlebars = bent forks???

I have always gotten really cheap handlebars because I'm afraid that really strong ones could end up tweaking the forks in a crash. Has anyone else thought about this? :D:)

Chris :D

I find the triple clamps slip a little on the forks first. I think they're designed to slip before fork damage (if done to correct torque). :)

I dont think it is a problem. I have rubber mounted handle bar mounts and that reduces the hit to the triple clamps. I have never heard of forks bending from the bars. But the motocross guys take some hard bike tumbling hits. Usually I see the triple clamps twist relative to each other arounbd the steering stem and the forks and clamps just need to be repositioned.

very many numerous mx crashes have never bent my forks. I have pretzled my twin wall o'neal bars (of course BRAND NEW) which were supposed to be BRUTALLY STRONG.

As previously mentioned, the forks will twist in the triple clamps worst case that I have ever seen.

I have never bent any forks of mine. Strong bars=a lot of enjoyment..................db :D:)

I don't believe I've ever ridden a dirt bike (that was mine) that didn't have aftermarket bars on it. That's usually the first thing to go. I've had some hellacious(sp?) crashes with them and never bent my forks. I hit a tree that was laying across a creekbed once(it wasn't there the day before) at about 50 mph, twisted my forks a little, they twisted right back with no damage. bent the front axle like a snake though. Tweeked the ol' bod pretty good too. Remember, "bodies heal, bikes don't". Don't worry about bending your forks. If you crash hard enough to bend your forks you will probably have a monster medical bill to worry about first! :D:)

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