Brake Bleeder Sucking Air

The brake bleeder nipple is not sealing correctly when I tighten it. I have been having trouble lately with a spongy brake feel. I bled them twice with to no avail. The second time I bled them I put the 8mm closed in on the nipple, then I attached a clear vaccum hose I had laying around. I fed the clear vaccum hose down into a container of clean fluid. I noticed between pumps and closing the nipple that the air that was coming out of the system started heading back toward the bleeder nipple. At first I contributed this to "air rises." So on the next pump then close I elevated the tube. The air was still being pulled toward the caliper with the tube inverted and the nipple completely tight and closed. If I put my finger on the end of the nipple and pump the brake when I release I can feel a small vaccum on my finger. How can I get this nipple to seal?

Thanks For The Help

If the nipples are overtightened it can bend them. This makes the seal very poor. Replace it. If it is not bent, wrap the threaded portion with teflon tape, then blead.

It only took me 42 hours to figure this out one weekend...

It does not appear bent to me. Was yours? I inspected it carefully. Was that your solution? Teflon Tape. I'll try that. Thanks

Yes, mine was! The bleed screw looks strong, but is really hollow. If some moron (like a prefious ovner) used his breaker bar to tighten it, it can bend.

The teflon tape works like a charm. I wish I could take credit for th eidea, but the "Mighty vac" I bought came with instructions to do just that.

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