2003 WR450 Carb probs.....STILL

I have my neighbors bike.......it sat full of old gas forever.

Heres whats happened so far......tried to start....nothing

drained float bowl of old smelly gas. Bowl would nor refill.

Said screw it for the night...next morning , it starts right up.

Hmmmmm.......ride it around the block once....gas pouring out of overflow.

Take off carb...clean every orfice and surface...blew out with compressed air.

Reassembled....Voila' it runs great...no leaks.

We go riding......halfway through ride it starts pouring out gas again.

Gas petcock does not even turn off fuel........POS

That was 2 weeks ago......ordered new needle, installed 10 mins ago

Its friggin leaking again.....what gives? :busted:

I'm at a loss....how do you measure the float drop and height on these carbs?

its like the float is all recessed up into carb body.

This WR sure makes me appreciate my TTR250......


To fix the petcock you need to replace a gasket and one o ring. You remove the plate on the front of the petcock ( 2 screws) the plate will come off if you hold your mouth right but it can stay on the leaver. rotate the leaver and pull outward. The leaver will come out of the petcock. There is a spring washer between the plate you removed and the leaver in your hand, dont loose it. in the opening of the petcock you will see a black rubber gasket that probably has a tear or abrasion on it. You can not see it easily but there is an o ring on top of the gasket. Replace the gasket and o ring. put a little grease on the surfaces of the leaver and reassemble.

The leaking could be several things but might be a corroded needle seat or the float has a leak.

My 2 cents, good luck.

This is a classic case of debris getting stuck in the float needle valve. and this happens sometimes. You need to drain all the old gas out (if not done already). Clean the gas tank and remove as much of the debris/gum, etc, ... I also suggest you install an inline fuel filter to eliminate any more debris getting to the needle valve.

Needle valve seat O-rings are most likely dried up and leaking fuel around the outside of the needle valve seat. As for a manual, they are easily downloaded from the WR performance index above the forum threads, in the stickies. WR Dave

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