YZ 426

I've had my 426 since December and I love it. I haven't had any problems at all with it. Mine is pretty much stock too, just Renthal bars and grips and Acerbis frame guards. I've heard of the clutch deal too. Mine hasn't given me any problems as of yet, so we'll see what happens with that.

I've also had my 426 since Dec. and the only problem I have is the weekends are too short! I ride mainly high speed and tight single line desert trails with CR500s and have done a few mods to my bike: Scotts stabilizer/Pro Taper/triple clamp combo, Scotts shark fin, WB skid plate & frame guards, IMS tank, Acerbis hand guards. The thing is an absolute blast to ride even though I'm still adjusting to a 4-stroke riding style (non-revving).


'00 YZ426

'00 XR100

'98 300EX

'95 VFR750

Hey guys just stumbled on this site, nice info. Got my mind set on a new 426, for play and trail riding, also hare scrambles and practice on a motocross track. I play ride in some tight stuff as well as open farm country with cr 500s. Many have tried to tempt me with a wr, but I have a thing for the 426. Last week went to a local area, and spoke to guy on a week old 426. Hard trying not to drool too much. Anyway, you guys have any problems or issues that might be of concern before I try to buy one. I just heard of the clutch basket deal. That is why Hinson is in business. Thanks.

I like mine (YZ400), if you check out the WR side you'll find they spend alot of time making there bikes run like YZ's. I'm not knocking the WR, if you need lights and have any "duel sport" thoughts, they are the way to go. If you're just off road and track, the YZ's your bike.

The toughest thing about riding a YZ426 will be finding one to buy :).

Good Luck


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Thanks for your reply Chris, I will probably have to hold out for a 01' model. I just picked up a part time job to pay for it. New house and 6mo old baby, only way to get a new scoot!! Should have good availability by Aug/Sept. Anyone heard of changes to the 426 for 01'.

I have a 426 on order and have been reading about how bad of a woods bike it makes.

Do you guys feel that it is too much of a handful in the woods?

It's definately a lot of bike for the woods for the slow rider. Now if you have just a little bit of riding ability you will have a blast.

Went riding on Sunday, borrowed my brothers 93 cr250, we did some really tight woods, 1st gear on the cr, rocky with turns and steep hills with no run. I was having a hard time thinking the 426 would be a productive mount. I have 5yrs experience on bikes, xr's to kx's and cr's. The orange bikes with the premix seem to be the ticket, and this is mainly the kind of riding I will be doing, the area is 20 mins from my house. Thanks for all input, you guys know your stuff.

Jason I rode 2 strokes for 5 years in the same type of riding terrain that you described. The 2 strokes had there moments dont get me wrong. But I now have a 99 yzf400 with a 10 oz flywheel weight and 13/50 gearing. Trust me if you get a 426 and set it up correctly for your terrain you will eat up your 2 stroke friends.

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