'07 and up light and rear fender on an '05?

Man, it's been a long time since I've posted here...

Anyways, it's finally time to update the looks on my '05. Has anyone tried swapping the updated headlight and rear fender with LED tail light onto the '05ish bike? Those 2 things would really help update/clean up the look of the "older bikes". I tried searching but haven't really come up with anything.

Thanks! :busted:

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Nobody's thought about upgrading the look of their pre-'07 with the newer style light and rear LED fender?

Maybe it's just a YZ rear fender and duel 4" halogens then...

The headlight swap may be a little harder, but what you can do is search for the 07 and new tripple clams, then you can run the new headlight assembly, the next thing for the rear is to install a YZ fender(you will need a dremil drill to open some marked holes) and purchase an 07 and newer tail light. You can drill the mounting holes in the fender and just nut/bolt through. Use some sweet looking flush bolts and it will look good. The 07 and new rear fender wont fit the 05, I'm sure of it. I have both bikes.

Oh sweet. How did I miss that thread? Thanks!

As far as the rear fender goes, I really didn't want to through bolt anything. Was kinda looking for that clean, stock look. Ah, well. I guess I'll with just a plain YZ rear and update the front light. It really does make the steel framed bike look much more up to date!

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