Barnett clutch?

Hey guys, i've done a few things to get my 08 yz450 to rip. Im about 210lbs and was reading in Motocross Action that putting on a Barnett clutch for around $200 would get that bike fast! The problem now is that i still cant seem to get over a few 30ft table tops. Trust me i rip into it in 3rd blasting but it wont clear it, i need a stronger hit right out of the corner...

do you guys think this would do that for me? 2nd season on the OEM clutch anyway...


Sorry, but a Barnett clutch won't make the bike one bit faster. Are you running the stock exhaust? If so, I know how you can get 5-7 hp at 5000 rpm.

Practice. The bike doesnt have any problem clearing jumps bone stock.

I was thinking more corner speed.

Looking at your list of mods I say that bike would be more than enough to clear 80+ foot tables out of corners!:busted: I like the 50 tooth rear sprocket personally.

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