2006 YZ450F Main and Pilot Jet Easy Removal

Replacing the main and pilot jets are easy on this unit by simply:

Disconnect the fuel line from the carb

Remove the seat

Removing the fuel tank and left/right shrouds as a unit

Remove the brackets that attach the top of the engine to the frame

Disconnect the sensor line that attaches to the top left side of the carb - noting this is disconnected about 12 inches up the line on the left side of the frame

Loosen the clamps holding the carb to the engine and the airbox

Pull enough slack from the thottle cable, hot start cable, and sensor line so you can twist the carb enough to get at the fuel bowl from the left side

Remove the large fuel bowl cap and look inside

From there you can access the pilot and main jets, and easy access to the fuel screw too.


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