Edelbrock Pumper. Thinking about it for my motard.

I've got an '01 XR650R motard-style w/ talons & excel 17s running a 120 in front and a 160 in back... Metzler M1 Sportecs. If anyone near my area, San Francisco Bay, has the Edelbrock Qwiksilver (or however you spell it) installed on their BRP, I'd love to check it out... Maybe we could swap bikes for a test ride. Drop me an email if interested. Thanks!

Try giving Rob Barnum a call 760-868-8097 about the EB Qwiksilver... He knows the carb as well as anyone and has been doing some motard work as well... Check out his website at Barnums Pro Products


I have it on mine and it is the best purchase I could recommend. Just like the other guy said, go through Barnums Pro for it. Or call Rob at home he will tell you all about it. You will never have to jet it for elevation again. Or Kick more than a couple times. It won't ever flood. It won't dump gas. You get more horsepower. Instant throttle response. More HP. This product kicks ass. I was at the dunes yester day and dumped it maybe 6 times. Usually the engine keeps running for 30 seconds anyway but when It didn't it started first kick every time. Thats why I bought it. I used to get a bigger workout trying to start the damn thing when I dumped it. Now I never worry, ever.

Well I don't have an Edelbrock carb, but I do have an XR650RR SM in the bay area (Santa Rosa). Where are you located? Have you considered the other carb options (Mikuni, Keihin FCR)? Personally I've figured that until I can really use the power I've got I don't really need a new carb. After all, the bike starts easily as it is.

What prompted you to look for a different carb? Oh, and how do you like the sportec M1s? I just got a set but have not yet tried them.


Hey, Michael. I'm down in South Marin, just over the Golden Gate bridge, but we're (me, wife, kid) are trying to move north soon. Novato or Petaluma, probably.

How are the M1 Sportecs?

Excellent. They seldom even come close to breaking traction the way I ride. I'm not a knee-dragger (yet?) but I like hitting the twisties pretty aggressively and so far feel very confident on the M1s - Way moreso than I did on my CBR's BT010s. (Then again, my CBR handled crap compared to the BRP when it comes to the slicing & dicing.) We'll see about tire life, although I tend to stick to a "no commuting" philosophy when it comes to the BRP, which I try reserve strictly for "riding to ride".

On the carbeuration end of things, the general consensus is that the bike runs well with the stock carb aside from restarts after a dump. It also seems that with a supermotos there's way less of a concern. My bike's been down once in its life. (oil slick) The thing is, I bought my XR from a guy up near Tahoe. It was jetted for that elevation, so when I brought it back to sea level, it got a bit lean. I figure I can either rejet or go for the Quiksilver, which I've heard gives smoother throttle response (I'm a precision junky), faster accelleration (Ripping out of turns is good too.), and is externally adjustable. (Sounds nicer than screwing the pooch jetting the OEM carb and then having to correct my error.) Either way, I know jack [@#$%&*!] about carbs. I'm sure rejetting would be a valuable lesson even if things didn't go perfect. I'll probably go this route simply because money's kinda tight right now. Maybe you could give me some jetting advice. The thing is... The original owner had it jetted at the dealership and has no clue what's in it. I'd probably have to buy everything he potentially swapped out and then just return whatever I don't use. To make things more complicated, it came with a White Brothers E-Series pipe & uncorked. I don't know how much of a difference that makes on what sizes I should pick up.

Anyway, it would be cool to hear from another sea-level bay area BRP guy on the subject, so get back to me. :)



Well Damn, we ought to have a supermoto party! I have a 650r supermoto as well. And I live in Windsor! You guys up for a ride in the famous Lake Sonoma area? By the way Jason, these are a piece of cake to jet and not easy to screw up. They will backfire on deacceleration, but who cares? I can help you jet it if you need help. I have some spare main jets too. Lets Ride...Bob

Bob, Jason -

Glad to hear there are a few more local (more or less) XR-SM loonies around. I'm still waiting for my Dual Sport kit to arrive so I can go jump through the hoops at the DMV, But I should be ready to ride in a couple of weeks.

As for jetting my bike probably wouldn't help, it's got the HRC engine kit, open airbox etc. Currently running a 188!

If Bob has some baseline set up info for you Jason that would be cool.

I've got a friend in SF with a sweet DRZ SM, the four of us should go wander some of our choice N. Bay roads soon. :)


Hey Michael, too cool on snagging that XR. It was the bike that inspired me to get 17s on my xr. Now I am jealous and refuse to ride with you or your bike! Just kiddin, I hope we can all meet/ride soon. By the way I love having a plate on the xr. Have you guys heard about super moto practice at the Stockton Motorplex go-cart track on Mondays. One PM to dark, $10 and a lot of fun. All skill levels too. If the WX looks good tomorro, I will be there. By the way I am off on Mondays and Tuesdays for riding and can also ride Sat/Sun in the afternoons. Hope to here from both of ya. Bob 707 836 1671

Thanks Bob,

It's been interesting just getting the bike here (From Florida to California) and now trying to convert it from race trim to street legal.

A couple of friends have been telling me about the Stockton gig. Sounds like a lot of fun.

We'll definetly have to do some riding soon!


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