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Terry Cable Hot Start handlebar mount product review

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Last night I sucked it up and bought the Terry Cable Hot Start handlebar mount system. It will be awesome when I need it. But, I'm a little miffed about a few things.

This unit costs $60 (US)! That's steep! Now, I know this is a nicely machined part and they probably don't mass produce them since their is a limited market. I have a friend in the mountain bike component business (Avid) and have seen what he has to go through to produce a machined part. And, I know that the parts end up being a little pricey at first. I'm guessing Terry Cable is making just a fair amount on these units because of all this. But, IT'S STILL PRICEY!

The problems I have is these:

1) There are absolutely NO directions included with this hot start system!

I'm a reasonably intellegent guy. And, I ended up figuring everything out pretty quickly. The truth is that before I installed this, I didn't really know how the stock hot start worked since I haven't had to mess with it. It's simple really. It is just a plunger that allows or doesn't allow air to pass between the air box and the vent on the carb. But, if I spend 60 bucks on a part, I at least want a simple, chicken scratched, and written diagram and/or instructions on it's installation. Hell, I'll go take digital camera pictures myself and give them to Terry Cable!

Note to Terry Cable! ! ! Here is what I would expect for instructions:

a) I want to know that I need to remove the stock hot start

:) I want to know which hose I'm replacing with the new unit

c) I want to know the most optimal routing for the new hoses (goes under the gas tank)

d) I want to know the best place to mount it on the bars. I put it on the left side under the bar. Mounted over the bar I felt it protruded up too much and may be biffed on an otb crash.

These are all things I figured out pretty quickly. But, I'd expect some assistance from instructions so I wouldn't have to experiment with all this. If you don't get the routing correct, the hose can kink or be pinched when turning the wheel. They can certainly help me by providing simple bone head instructions so I don't have to do it by trial and error! ! !

2) The hose kinks when installed on the carb!

The new hose connects onto the 'T' connector right by the octopus. If you zip tie the hose to the frame, the angle from the 'T' connector to the frame is too extreme and the hose kinks. This would totally make the thing useless! If you don't force this angle, the hose loops out too far and will, I PROMISE, easily get ripped of by my boot or by a branch. So, now I have to go to a hardware store and buy a simple 90 degree bend connector so the angle isn't so extreme. And if it's like my usual hardware store experiences, it'll take two or three stops before I find one.

Note to Terry Cable: Please include this 'L' bend connector or something similar with your kit so I don't have to go through this hassle. For 60 bucks, I deserve to have this 10 cent piece included!

3) This unit is machined very nice but does it have to be so big and does it have to be mounted so far from the clutch purch? (It is mounted by using an included replacement piece for the clutch purch)

Note to Terry Cable: Please make the unit a little slimmer

All that said, I think this will be an awesome upgrade to my bike. If it were about 30 bucks, it would be a MUST HAVE accessory. For 60 bucks, the jury is still out.


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I posted some simple instructions and pictures of how I mounted my hot start on the tech page if anyone is interested.


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