bar risers ???

please bare with me, i've gotten exhausted searching the threads.

'00 426, i'm 5'11".

these days, most of the riding i do is trails...lotsa standing.

i've found out about the tusk universal and roxspeedfx risers on this site, but can not find where to purchase either!?! i do not want to change to fatbars(plenty of risers for that) nor do i want to go the triple clamp route nor lower pegs so, these risers appear to be my only choices, so far.

problem is, the tusk doesn't seem to be available any more and the rox are not listed on the sites that rox says are distributors. :busted:

i've tried to identify my bar bend to assist in your recs. but, none of my measurements are matchin' up with renthal. obviously, i have no idea where renthal is taking these measurements relative to the bends an bar diameter so, +/-.


width: 31 5/8", actual.

height: 4.5 or half bar dia. less?

rise: 1.75, went with the center of the bends.

clamp: 7+, went with the straight.

sweep: 2.75, went with leading edges.

the bars are from 2000.

i'd rather not have to buy new bars to get the rise i'm lookin' for and i can't find enough selection available on the shelves to get a feel for taller bars...hate to buy a good rise and find out i don't like the bend.

with all that said,

- any recommendations on the amount of rise i'd be lookin' for in a riser for comfortable trail work? i feel like 2" would work real well but i do like hittin' the track still.

- what is the effect of rise on mx work?

i appreciate any responses and know i'm asking alot about a little but, feel is almost everything when riding, right?

can someone hook me up with their suggestions?

thanks much,


Bar spacers will **** up the steering, theres another thread on here talkin about it in detail, just don't remember where its at

guess i'll have to find that thread.

do you have even a vague recollection of the steering issue? should have them. thats where I bought mine from and I have 7/8 bars also. I do not have any steering issues with mine ay all just a lot more comfort when standing

yeah i need a set for my stock pro tapers. i can't even get to my fork clickers with out seriously moving the bars around and i'd like to raise my forks a few mm's in the tree but if i do they'll hit the bars so i need like an inch riser... oh plus i'm 5'11" also and all i ride is trail and harescrambles so i'm standing most of the time also.

I am also your height and ride a YZ400F. I fitted 3/4" risers to my bike (7/8" bars) and have found these to be excatly what I was after.

I use the Windham type bars and have found these to be OK for me.

If you search for universal bar risers you will find them in the TT Store or most other online shop sites.

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