zip-ty fuel screw

Just got my shiny new fuel screw from zip-ty racing. Any suggestions on the install??? Any help is appreciated...

When removing the stock screw, be VERY careful not to lose the spring and o-ring that sits atop the screw. They're very small and easy to lose. If you remove the screw slowly, they will be sitting on top of the screw when you drop it out of the bottom of the carb. Good'll do fine.

Got mine yesterday. Tried puting on without taking carb off. If you do it with carb on pull carb back using the slak in rubber mounts to get room so screw wont hit on starter. The screw will go in pretty far befor it hits the threads. The rubber o ring stayed inside on mine. I didnt know how far it should go whin I put it in, pulled it out and lost the brass washer. Pulled carb off found washer all is fine now. Just dont lose spring,O-ring and brass washer and remember the screw goes in far and you will be just fine :)

How do you guys do this with the carb on the bike. I pull the carb off for rejetting everything but the needle position. I dont know how you keep the spring and o ring from gettin lost. You have to remove the screw to pull the float bowl off. I guess I just feel better pulling the carb off and working on the bench. :)

Hey Indy,

How are you able to do needle clip changes without taking carb off? I just rejetted last night - 155 main, YZ needle 3rd from top, installed zip-ty fuel screw. Seems carb would need to be removed to do any type of needle adjustment? :)

Yeah Indy, how do you get to the needle without taking the carb off. I just put the Zip-Ty on without taking the carb off and didn't think it was any big deal at all. The spring, washer and o-ring came right out on the stock screw and I changed it to the Zip-Ty and screwed it in. It was that simple. :)

I installed my fuel screw without removing the carb. In fact, I change the pilot and main without taking the carb off OR rolling it. I only roll it when I need to make needle adjustments. I have to take the throttle cables off, the remote hot start off and the voltage regulater (bolted to the frame) to be able to access the top of the carb. I access the pilot and the main through the float bowl hole. It's a bit more difficult this way, but much faster than taking that darned thing off!!

My spring and washer and o-ring do not come out with the screw. I have to tap it out for some reason and this makes it easy to loose these small parts. I don't loose anything on the bench. I take the needle out by disconnecting the throttle cables and hot start cables then I rotate the carb enough to remove the needle cover. I use needle nose plyers to lift the needle out. I guess I could rotate the carb the other direction to get to the float bowl and jets while putting a rag under to catch the fuel screw parts. :)

Are the fuel screws finially starting to ship?? I ordered one like a month or 2 ago and havent seen it yet. I e-mailed them and after like 2 weeks they finially reply'd to me and said that I would have it next week. That was almost 2 weeks ago. :)

That's strange that it's taking that long to get one. I ordered two about to months ago and it took two and a half weeks to recieve them. At the time he said they were on backorder and that's why it took over two weeks. Maybe they're having a rush on them for some reason?

Tell me about it. I ordered it on Feb 22. Im gonna have to call and bitch a little. This is ridiculous. :)

No problems with mine. I ordered from the web site and got it no more than five days later.

Has anyone ordered/used the drain plugs from zip-ty?

I just shot off a nasty-gram to zip ty to see were my bloody screw was.

They actually reply'd to me in the same day. Unlike there 2 week delay in there last response. Here is what they said.


The fuel mixture screw that you ordered on March 10th ( I actually ordered it on 2-2-03) <font color="black"> has been shipped out to you today. Your UPS tracking # is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We just received our backorder items on Tuesday and we are very sorry for the delay in processing your order.



Zip-Ty Racing Products

(760) 244-7028

I also bought the magnetic drain plug from them when I ordered the screw. It's nice and works good. The only thing I did to it (before installation) was drill a small hole through it so I could safety wire it. Works like a champ. :)

I do my needle adjustments same as ddialogue. Just pull the cables, VR off the frame, and I remove the hot start (Dr. D) and rotate the carb. Works for MJ and PJ's as well. Pretty quick. :)

How many turns out from fully seated, are you guys at sea level running with the zip-ty screw ? about one and a half ?

Im about 1 3/8 (stock) to 1 1/2 turns out at sea level (Muskegon Mi) :)

Mine is around 2.5 turns out but I haven't leaned up the jets, just the clip position. I also have to get rid of slight hesitation but haven't had time to get out and test it much.

Finally got rid of the hesitation. Out about 2 turns so maybe my 42 jet is fine. Use your choke when cold and hot to test your pilot jet and screw adjust. Turn choke off when cold, if it still runs fine it's too rich. When warm if choke makes it run better, too lean. Pretty quick to set it just right after you get in the ballpark by riding to 1/4 throttle and testing response.

I got my Kouba screw in 2 Days! :)

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