a-loop fly wheel weight

Sent my flywheel to a-loop for them to add a fly wheel weight.They weld the weight to the stock flywheel and make a very nice job of it.They assured me that it would be balanced correctly (i had visions of the conrod poking its head out of the side of the cases)The addition of the weight has made the bike much better to ride ,more bottom end ,smoothing the power out and giving some engine breaking on steep downhills plus no more stalling in corners althogh this was improving as I became more used to the bike.Can someone post details of the website or email address for Hinson so I can get some info on their clutch baskets.

steve uk

Yes, A-loop is top notch. They are local (Denver) and know their stuff.

They did wonders to my WR's suspension!



Give Thumper Racing a call at 800-259-5186. Ask for technical help and they will put a guy on the phone with real grease on his hands.

They walked me through replacing the cluch on my XR with a Hinson. Incredible Service!


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