Reviews on the new 300?

I am looking into a two stroke for my next bike and the 300 looks pretty awesome and probably a little cheaper than the KTM. Can anyone tell me from experience how it rides? I read a review in a magazine that sounded pretty rough but they could be pretty picky so I am looking for an average rider's review. Also, any idea how difficult it is to plate one in Washington state? Thanks!

I have an '09 that I've got 10 hours on. I'm at best an average rider and it's my first two-stroke. I've been having a blast on it. Obviously, coming from a 610, it's a lot lighter and a lot more trail worthy. It's got plenty of power. I was afraid it would be too much power in fact, but since I'm a heavier rider, I figured it would be fine. It's essentially the same bike as the WR250, but with a different piston and pipe.

I was considering the KTM 300 as well. The Mikuni TMX38 has been a little challenging to jet for me since there aren't 100 people in my zip code with the same bike who have it sorted. I think I've got it running pretty well now, but a number of people have given up and gone with the PWK.

I've had no trouble getting OEM parts and there are some choices for aftermarket stuff, just nowhere near as much as you can get for the KTM offering. We're all waiting for ProCircuit to offer up a pipe based on what Kearney rides, but it's still not there. My OE pipe is out for repair right now in fact.

In the end, it came down to price, brand familiarity (didn't necessarily say 'loyalty'), and the fact that it's well, different. The magazine shootouts are what they are and the way I look at it as a somewhat middle-aged guy (by some standards), is they are searching for the limits that I may never find. An example would be the suspension. I can always have it re-valved and re-sprung during the off season.

I'm sure you heard that the 2010 will have KYB forks, replacing the current zokes.

As far as plating in your state, I can't say. I have bought all the stuff to try and plate mine, but haven't gotten around to it yet. For now, I'm trailering, but I really want to get a plate to link up trails.

If you want a larger audience, check out the 2-stroke forum on cafehusky as there is a lot of stuff on the 300 there. However, I don't know that anyone has a 2010 yet, but here is a thread on new features.

The only thing that stood out in the Dirtbike review was the vibration.I had a 2002 CR250 that had a lot of vibration and it really botherd me.Went from the pegs to my knees and from my hands past my elbows.Does the Husky vibrate as bad as they say in that review?I've had two KTM300's but I would like to try the Husky this time around.

I have a '06 wr 250, which is the same bike as the 300 with different forks, piston size, and pipe. I switched from a CRF450 and CRF250x last year. I had not rode any two strokes in a long time before getting the WR 250 except my dad's RMX 250 and uncles KX 250. I thought both of those bikes vibrated really bad when I rode them back to back with my CRFs. I noticed the vibration on my WR250 the first two are three rides, then forgot all about it. Part of the reason I forgot about it is because the motor is so good. You can chug it around all day-no vibes. Or pin it, in which the last thing on your mind is vibes. The only time you might notice the vibes is if you cruise around at high revs.

The reason why I would buy a new wr300 (or make my 250 into one) over buying a KTM, or 450 is simple: the quote in the magazines that refers to how the 300 would beat any 450 in a 3rd gear roll-on/top end. I guess I put too much focus on power, though. Oh, but the Husky handles great too.


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