Titanium header pipe repair and guard

I am on my second hare scramble with my WR450F and 230 miles. The first race had no rocks but some small cut sapplings on the trail. After the race I noticed three good sized dings in the header pipe. I just completed my second race and the pipe is more than 50% crushed in one spot and I did not crash.

Question 1) Does anyone believe that these header pipes can be repaired like they repair 2 stroke expansion chambers?

Question 2) Does anyone know of any good header pipe guard or protector?

Heres your answer to question #1


go to "tech articles"

then "Fixing a bent/creased header pipe" :D

Also, I have a question for anyone that has tried motoman393's (may he reast in peace) header fix.

he says to use a old tire tube to seal the header to the plate. If you do this and heat the header up wont the tube start smoking and burning like all get out?

I have a old creased header I want to try this on. :)

Cool. Thanks! If you try it yourself let me know about it. I'm going to look into doing this.

I posted a similar question several weeks ago. A few people mentioned that titanium won't pop back out like steel will and it was recommended that I not perform Motoman's pipe fix procedure. I would, however, be interested to see if it works out for you. I was able to locate a 01 426 header for $25 and that's what we're using now. Here's the link to the other thread:

Bent header pipe

Thanks. For $40 plus shipping, I think I'm going to try Pacific Crest Pipe repair.

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