wr seat/tank for 2002

I wander is the wr seat more comfortable than the yz or they are different only because of the tank? :)


They are completely different because of the tank. The seat bases are different also. The YZ is flatter than the WR. :)

Thanks for the info. Is the seat softer?

Iv'e had both and would'nt consider either remotely "soft". If you got the hankering to go with a soft seat, www.gutsracing.com makes soft or tall/soft seat foam for both bikes. Had a tall/soft on my 02' WR426 (~$40 USA) and loved it ! The only issue with the tall/soft is you need but a cover to fit the new seat height. Guts Racing sells those too (~$45 USA).

I have both and they are both hard. The YZ seat is longer

flater and slimer. The WR has a sharper incline were it meets the tank and makes it harder to get foward in tight turns.It's also much wider.

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