Is the grey wire the same for 426 as for a 250?

I have a 01 wr250 and removed the grey wire, my riding buddy has a 01 wr426 he was wondering if the grey wire applies to his bike also? If he disconnects it will he notice a difference like I did on my wr250? :)

The noticeable difference is debateable. Some people have disconnected it and said that they noticed a huge difference while others have noticed very little change. If I remember right, the grey wire retards the timing at high revs to reduce noise emmissions. By unplugging it, you bypass all that crap and the bike keeps pulling hard. I unplugged the grey wire and did notice a little change at higher revs. It didn't hurt anything by unplugging it, so I'm not going to plug it back in. That's the long answer. Short answer is yes the grey wire also applys to his 426. :)

yes. :)

Gray wire applies to the 426 as well. I just pulled it a few days ago on my WR. As far as difference, I'm sure it does but I did BK mod, air box, etc at the same time. It definately rips now. There is a thread on here somewhere with a chart showing the timing difference at higher RPM's with/without the gray wire. The US has them, Canada and others don't so it seems removing it makes sense.

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