YZ450F and 70 mph logging roads !!! YEA BABY !!

I had my first opportunitity to get my YZF out on some wicked long and rolling logging roads this past weekend. I went up in Maine to an area called Kokadjo. The old logging and snowmobile trails are incramentally being opened up to allow the legal use of ATV's and dirtbikes. To put it simple what a friggin' BLAST I had tearing down the dirt roads with a big bore. The YZF behaved flawlessly !! Alls I did was slide the forks down so they were flush with the triple tree to allow the most forgiving high speed front end behavior. (I was very nervous about handlebar shake). The suspension was of course firm, but fine for what I was doing. The seat however really put a slappin' on my delicate a$$. Unlike MX, you spend far more time planted in the seat, and we all know YZ seats are not for sitting on...

The roads were extremly dry, pebbly, and dusty from a serious lack of rain, so I eventually learned how to put the YZF into somewhat of a controlled slide sweeping the tighter corners. The relaxed torque of my '07 made this SO much fun. I managed to pull a max of 86 mph and just touched the rev limit. I was also very impressed as to my fuel economy. All the trails have mile markers, so I was able to keep track of my miles traveled, and observe my fuel consumption, and I was managing approx 27 mpg, with an average speed of about 60 mph. Not bad, I would have guessed milage would have been much worse.

I did at one point, smack an off camber wide rock in the middle of the road that I didnt see until I was cresting a uphill left long sweeping turn, and HOLY CRAP ! That rock sent me up in the air into a violent high side, but somehow I managed to stay on the pegs! My buddy behind me saw it kinda' through the dust, and he thought for sure I was taking a 50 mph vicious dirt nap!!!

So guys get your 450's out for some logging road riding and see just how fun and versatile these YZ450F's really are !!


thats awesome but just one ? how do you no you were going 86mph.. speedo?

those 450's are pretty cool.. I was toying with a guy I ride with saturday, he was on a crf250r and me on my 06 wr450..... looked down on the yamaha digital speedo and we were hitting 60 and there was plenty left.. No idea how fast that bike will go.

i would think polar bus is on gps or a trail tech... correct...

thats awesome but just one ? how do you no you were going 86mph.. speedo?

Garmin GPS. For speed and milage info, and I saved my truck (which had all my GAS as a waypoint if I got lost !

The only thing I WISHED I had was a dam kickstand !!!!!!

I just bought a 2002 426 and ut the best dirt/DOT tires on it we can find, and we have been running logging roads in oregon for a month now. It has to be the most fun possible.

We night ride and that is a blast//trip.

You can easily do 70 on your 450 cause you just put it in top gear and WOT.

half throttle is 60 mph for my bike.

Y'all should try it, ithere are like hundreds of roads win the cascades, you have to go speed limit on highway, but on Log roads you are unlimited.

My YZ 426 is street legal, , also can drive to Florence oregon (50 miles on highway) and right up on the dunes, it is a great sand machine too, can climb easily and dune out there with street tires. Went up Banshee hill too, at winchester bay, no problem.

Love these bikes, best motorcycles ever made, lot of torque.

yep. a buddy of mine has one on his crf, it is way cool.

He kick starts it on the kick stand, has for years.

yes, It works well, you can sit on it and it doesn't tip over, goot Bench after you rode a while, worth the money,


Thanks for that link! Thats what I need ! (I also use my YZF out on the ice in winter as well)

I didn't know there was a quality "bolt on" kick for the YZF's (the ones in years past were kinda' cheapish, and "universal".


I'd rather be twisting through the trees myself, but glad to hear you got a chance to stretch the 'ol girls legs!

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