Coolant Recovery Tank 426

I have an "01 426 and I'm looking at ordering this recovery tank:

Has anyone else installed one of these? or know how it works? the site doesn't say much.....

From others I've seen installed on other bikes it seems they connect to some sort of spout near the rad cap which obviously my bike doesn't have.

Does it simply re-route the overflow hose into a bottle and re-route it back into the top of the rad or do I have it wrong....????

That's pretty cool, and not bad of a price. You can use the overflow spigot no problem.

The trick is that any coolant that escapes when the coolant heats up and expands will get drawn back in when the bike cools down and the liquid in the radiator and cooling system contracts. Pretty simple yet very effective. Makes my goofy ABS pipe-bomb looking contraption look like a dogs butt in comparison.

Just make your own for about $2


I have a motion pro coolant system on my CR250 and a WR450 coolant tank on my YZ400F.

The motion pro system works just fine on the CR250 and was originally mounted on my YZ400F.

The reason I fitted the WR tank was for its larger capacity as I found on very hot days (45 deg C +) with slow going I was losing most of the coolant from the mtion pro catch bottle (not from my radiator though). The WR tank has resolved that problem and because the CR seems to run cooler than the YZ, the motion pro system handles the CR in all conditions.

If you ride slow woods I suspect a larger catch tank will work best for you.

I made my own by using a small (500cc) plastic bottle, put a whole in the lid for the hose, make it loose to let air out. And zip-tied it behind my plate. Been there for years, works great. When the engine cools off it sucks the coolant back in, simple. BTW- I have a YZ426.

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