CR double high and tie downs


two questions for the forum:

1. seems like the karma wheel has been kicking me in the ass when it comes to dumping my bike over when it's in the back of the truck. i've never dropped a bike when it's tied down until i started riding the 650r. i think it has to do with the fact that it's got big low slung balls and when they get a swingin... anyhow, i've dropped it twice now in three months with this latest drop resulting in a caved in radiator...luckily no leaks just smashed fins. i've always used rabbit ears and highend tiedowns and keep them fresh by cycling them out every couple of months to mtn bike duty.

are you guys doing anything extra? i was thinking about doubling up on each side but not sure if that would make a difference. seems like when the bike gets swinging there aint no stopping it.

2. i want to inch up a little bit and use the CR double high bend bars. anybody around 6 foot tall 170 lbs go from a brp triple clamp with cr highs to the double high? at this point i'd rather go with taller bars than taller triple clamp mounts...but i'm afraid the double highs may be a bit too high... thoughts?



please give more details on how you are tying down the bike, and how it tipped over. Did the front wheel get out of position? How close are the tires to the side of the truck bed or the tie point?

Something's not right here, i've tied down big heavy street bikes with nothing more than a pair of Ancras with no problems...

Are you tying in a slip knot just below the buckle on the tie down??? I would assume so, but a wise man once told, "Never assume anything." Well, maybe it wasn't a wise man, but I did hear it from someone :) (in a bar most likely).

Not to be a smartass, but are you sure that they are tight enough? :) I often trailer a couple of 650's without any problems. You might want to try some of the wratcheting tie downs. They are a little more complicated but they definetely do not slip. I have used both succesfully. Might also want to try securing both the front and back tires. That will keep them from sliding out. Good luck!!

As for the bars I am 6'3 and about 190 and I run a set of Pro-Tapers with the highest bend I could find. I also have the Scotts clamps and that combination for me has worked out really well.

I have two different ways to strap the BRP in my tiny truck (GMC Sonoma Short Bed with a 2.2 liter "Tower of Power" for you PowerStroke guys :D).

1) Tailgate open - Two Bikes. I put two tie downs from the front mounts to the bars, and a third tie down from the rear truck mount to a soft strap wraped around the frame above the foot peg. Compress the suspension (push down on the seat) when tightening the third tie down. This will preload the rear and mine actually does not touch the front of the bed. Traveled thousands of miles on everything from 80mph on the interstate to washboarded fire roads bikes never move.

2) Tailgate closed - One Bike. I put the front tire into the front corner of the box with the rear tire in the opposite corner. I attach tie downs to the bars from the "empty" corners and a third from the front wheel to the foot peg pulling the bike forward into the box. This way I can close the tail gate on my 6' box.

I have used both of these techniques in several trucks with bikes as small as a TTR125 (little wheel) to bikes as big as a 600+ lb GPz1100 street bike. :)

Hope this helps.

Silly question but,have you tried using a fork saver between the fender and tire? Always use one here and have never lost bike yet! A two by four about ten inches long works great. It will stop your bike from moving around! :)

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