Think I want another 300

Just got done picking up a mint 07 Wr450 and setting it all up. Now after doing all that, I don't think I'm all that thrilled with it. For the riding terrain here I think the 300 would be the best ticket. Now where I used to ride in Idaho the 4t was the way to go, but down here in Utah I'm not so sure that's the case.

Man, getting/finding the perfect bike is a real PITA..... could be worse though, I could just have no option....

How about a bike for each style of riding.:busted:

How about a bike for each style of riding.:busted:

Both would be nice, but it would also require at least another $4000 to get something that I would be happy with.

How about a bike for each style of riding.:busted:

What he said

It's hard to say that a 300 of any brand would simply not work given the terrain available. The 300s are extremely versatile bikes unlike the WR450F. :thumbsup:

Lots of choices available. Husqvarna, GasGas, TM, and KTM. :busted: Either that or get a MX 250 and get a 300 kit just to be different and to let the European worshipers chide you. :banana: However, hard to say you need a 300 unless you're doing lots of open terrrain riding which Utah prolly has some of that, no?

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