XRANDY - What's up with you using my last two personal images on your posts? My first personal image was an "XR Tank", my second was the "Honda Icon", now I have "crossed-checkered flags". Will you be changing again?

I didn't know you were so attatched to those... :)

I like the Honda wing, can I use it please??? :D

Sorry if I offended you...remember impersonation is the best of all flattery!

That's cool. You're like 15 years old - right? :)

I sound that young???

Actually I am a father of three kids, 29 years young. Married 8 years this September. Guess I haven't grown up yet! :)

Andy's not a kid, but he still believes the shootouts in the mags are legit :)

Say it's not so "XR-CANDY". :)

O.K.. so we've described him as a thief of icons. Don't give him a big head by titling a post with his name! You might as well put it in neon lights! :D Isn't there a reason that people change their name? :)

Therapy? :D

Andy you better share your lunch with these guys, especially Corey. He has been in prison for a while and doesn't take kindly to avatar theft, he relates it to shower time in the big house :)

Dont ever grow up. If you do, you get old like Ryan! I've got 9 years on you, and will never grow up!


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