which boots are best?

I am looking at getting a pair of riding boots, there are so many brands all claiming to be the ducks guts. what do you bloks have and why :D, feed back from the field is always better than some sailsman yarns. :)

Alpinestars tech 6's with the enduro soles. Comfy - cozy from day one, durable, and when it's muddy and you have to either,

A; pick yourself and your bike up,

B; push your way out of a rut or hole,

or C; all of the above - those enduro soles are GOLD! :)

Wearing MX boots in the mud is like wearing cowboy boots on a hockey rink! Just my 2 pennies.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I got fat feet, the alps seem to fit narrow feet better. I wear gearne's, they are a bit wider. I had a pair of alps and they made my feet sore. If you have narrow feet try the alps. I ride with a few guys that have sidi's and love them. I haven't tried them on yet, but they seem like good stuff. Try them all on at a dealer, all the top brands are very good, It pretty much boils down to fit. Some brands fit a little bit differently than others. Also, if you are not racing, you may not need all of the armour that the top of the line boots have. I've been trying some of the lesser models and some of them are much more comfortable with less armour (Tech 6's for example). Good luck! :)

Boots are one of the most important piece of equipment and a bad pair of boots can ruin your day. My suggestion is go to multiple stores that have a variety of different styles of boots. Know what your riding skills are and what type of riding you like.

I helped a friend locate a pair of boots that were very impressive for his riding profile and the amazing thing was they cost him $116.00 with metal buckles. He tried four different types of boots before we saw the pair he actually bought.

Good Luck :)

I've got Sidi SRS's. Great boot. Plenty of protection, and fit is good. They are slightly larger than american sizes run. The break in time is about 4 hours, or one long all day ride. Check DirtRider.net for a boot review. They also have a safety test which shows that certain boots will save your feet in a bad case scenario. This is another reason I went with Sidi.

Somewhat of an subjective topic......so let me weigh on in.

Alpinestars Tech 8 or Tech 6. :)

Yeah some guys may have size issue and others will bitch about the price. But you get what you pay for and I only have two feet......wait that may be a good thing.

Buy them and you won't be sorry.

I just replaced my Tech6's with Sidi SRS boots. The SRS are very impressive and comfortable. They are more narrow than the Alpinestars. They feel like armor for my foot and leg. I like them so far. The cost is steep.....300 bucks

Sidi are really nice, I own a pair of the SRS Flexforce and have nothing but good results and dry feet since.Plus with the Flexforce boot you can replace the sole on them which in my mind is way better then chucking them away after the sole is worn out.I ride both dirt and street and will use the sole sliders for motard racing.They have a little less peg feel then the others brands ie:Tech 8's,Forma Pros etc...But man I came off this 8 foot flatt landing drop and I didnt even feel a thing.Ive got a couple of friends that also use the same boot and they love them as much as I do. check out all the cool colors :) they got. http://www.motonation.com/main.htm

Definitly go try on a variety of boots and get the size correct. My favorite are the tech 6, no bootie to lose. My wife has a pair of M6 alpines. very nice and alot lighter than the 6.

Oh yeah I forgot to add that the 8 foot flatt landing drop was done without my bike.......EYE-KA-ROMBA :)

The best thing to do is to drive to all of your local dealers. Try on every boot you can get your hands on. Don't be embarrased to try one on and then go get on bike. See how they feel. The boot that feels the best initially will probably be your best choice. Also the latching system is really important. There are some really poor designs out there. My 2 cents. I just purchased some Fox Forma Pros. I was really impressed. Fox is new to making boots, but wow.... Ankle support is excellent and sox come back dry. Love em.

I'v heard the Gearne's have a large calve area. Is that true? I have very large calve's and wear Fox Forma now, but the straps are at the end of the adjustment.

I have the same issue with large calves. I had ordered some Sidi's, but sent them back due to this problem. I now own Tech 8's and love the fit.

Nothing beats the comfort of the Alpine stars Tech 8, brand new and they feel like your favorite pair of slippers. I also bought them for the added protection in the ankle/ heel area that not too many other brands have.

I have the Tech 8's and I am debating on the SIDI's, The thing I Like most about the 8's is spring and fall riding when your get your boots soaked on a two day trip, you can pull out the booties and get them dry, while eveyone else is whining about putting on their wet cold boots in the morning :D :D :D:)

I've been wearing Tona Lama boots with 10 inch tops to tuck my wranglers into. They go well with my King Ropes baseball cap and Serengetti shades. The leather soles are too slick on dry pine needles though. Maybe I should reconsider!


Aren't you one of the dudes on King Of Hill? :)

Yes, Gearne's have big calve area, sorry, thats another reason that I bought them, Big calves, fat feet. My mom says I'm a flintstone! :D P.S. Whatever you do decide to buy, don't go trail plonkin' near your house with your bud's in your old combat boots, mixed signals led to an XR600 vs CR250 incident where I nearly lost my second toe on my left foot to a chain adjuster, minor collision, big hole in boot, toe hanging by tendon. :)

Thanks Wyohorse........too funny. :) Now come and clean off my monitor :D

It's a matter of Personal Preference. Try them all on and buy what you like. Me, I use Fox Formas..............db

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