which boots are best?

It definately comes down to the best fit , Alpine stars are great but they dont make half sizes Im a 10 and a half and I couldnt see paying $300 + for boots that didnt fit right . I found that the Fox forma pros run a little smaller than alpine stars and I loved them as soon as I tried them on the size 11 feels more like a 10 and a half. Great support and very comfy with minimal break in .

I have a pair of Oneals and a pair of Fox. I use the Fox all the time now since they fit me better and have better padding (beefier). Try on different boots and see what feel best. I like the straps on the Oneals better though. The Fox ones are hard to snap closed when dirty (all the time it seems).

Trying to save some big money to buy a house in the past years, I didn't have the budget to get one of these great tech 8 or 6. Plus, I buy with canadian money :D so the 8 are like 800$ here :D

Shopping in "average price" boots :), I've been able to see that the alpinestar are narrower and did not like it so I went with the Gaerne RX2 boots. They are very comfortable and very well built (of course it's a gaerne boot) for the price.

I had a pair of Sidi boots (forget model, about 2years old) and they were not very comfy but let me say this, I hit a KX 250 head on around a blind corner with my foot into his rear axle. He was going to fast and looking behind him at his buddy when I saw him, I tucked to the inside of the RR gravel trail and he turned, saw me, locked up his back brake and his bike slid ass out across the trail. The shot turned the meatle tip on the boot inside out!!! and my toes were fine, I just had to kick the RR tracks a few times to straighen out the toe guard.

Anyway in the biggest doofis move ever, I was drying my Sidi's out by the dwindeling fire, I thew a skid of wood on the fire and went to the neighbors camp site to have a few beers :D and came back to find my Sidi boots horibly melted, I thew them into the fire I was so sick looking at the damage :)

Anyway, I shoped around and Ended up with the top of the line AXO boots (not sure the model #) And I love them to death! They were not that much $ and the best boots I have ever had. I have very large calves (bike rider) and they fit well and still taper and seal the water out at the top. They have jell inserts in the back of the calf, the heal cup, and in the shin pad to from to in the boot knee braces and guards. They are very light and comfy and stay VERY dry and warm. I tried on the Alps and I would not waste my $ on those things, they are nice but not worth the $$ IMHO. Also alot of the MX race boots have breathable panels in the side that ARE NOT water prof! so when they say vent, or breathable, be warry! I can stand in a crick in My AXO's and stay dry, the only way water gets in them is if it wicks down my pants. They dont have liners but I were seal skin socks if its wet out anyway.

I tried Answer boots, Fox boots, and MSR boots, all wihin a couple of years. Last year I found a brand new pair of Alpinestar Tech 6 boots on ebay. I won the auction for $144, yes $144 for brand new Tech 6 boots in the cool Yamaha blue white and black. Check out ebay, you never know what you'll find. These Alpinestar boots are so comfortable. The quality shows in fit and feel. Hope this info helps. I too ride a 98 WR400f.

I went ahead and spent the extra money for the Alpinestars Tech 8 boots last fall. They broke in fast and have held up very well for me so far. I have wide large, wide feet and was concerned about the width and the pressure on the top of my feet. I tried on everything at the local shop before deciding on the Tech 8 boots. They are very comfortable and give me good ankle support. After two broken ankles this is a major selling point for me.


I just got a pair of Fox Forma Pro "Stewart replica's", I have only worn them once, and they feel great. I know a heap of guys with Tech 8's, and they reckon they are excellent as well. Try 'em all on at the dealers, and see what you think. :)

Has anyone tried the Alpinestars Tech 4? Motosport.com is selling them for $119.95. They look good, but at that price, they must be crap.


I have a friend that rides thosen techs 4 and they were OK. I have another friend that rides the MSR and they are exactly the same boots. Is alpinestar making those MSR boots?

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