Before you buy another hydration system.....

I have just visited:






and all of these systems appear to be like the Camelbak system. I would guess that they are manufactured by Camelbak.

I don't see where there is enough market demand for the above to make these "in house". I would guess Camelbak is the sub-contractor.

Before we give ours back to Camelbak and further support Camelbak by buying one of the above. Maybe we need to consider this.

The only one I've found so far, that does not appear to be made by Camelbak id the Vital system sold by Summers Racing.

I WILL return mine to Camelbak, but want to make sure I don't give them any more of my money.

Any thoughts guys?



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I have a hydration pack that is very similar to the Camelback Mule, the largest pack they make (or made when I bought it two years ago), I forget the brand name, but I will check when I get home. It's a very well made pack and it was 1/2 the price of the comparable Camelback product.



Some may not like the bottle idea, but keep in mind it's pressurized and works way better than sucking on a tube for a drink. Oh yeah, no goofy aftertaste, and it's definitely NOT made by camelbak!

How about the Sumemrs Racing Vital system, thats what I own and Summers racing contrubutes money to foundations that support us riders.

Later Im goin ridin, woo hoo


Try for offroader friendly drinking systems. Click on Products in the left margin


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I had no time to buy another system for this weekend. So, I'm putting tape over the camelback labels until I do. If anyone asks what system I have, I'll tell them anything but the truth. I feel terrible.


It's your world, I just play in it!

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Just went over to nohvcc and checked out the pack. Looked pretty good, I liked the idea that it would strap to my chest protector and had the quick change ability.

I also asked for more information about NOHVCC. It's time to box or throw rocks!

Thanks for the info.


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