Maintenance free exhaust (No packing)

I am working in Guinea and i will bring my WR 450 with me. I am looking for an exhaust system(not the original) without muffler packing. I do not have access to any dealer in my area(Guinea). This is why i want to install a maintenance free muffler. I am tired always changing packing.

Does anyone knows about that ?

The stock Euro WR 426 muffler doesn't require packing but is very restrictive and has no spark arrester. Dirt cheap too I'm sure. Maybe it could be made to fit. :)


I looked inside my stock WR450 muffler and there is no packing to be replaced. It looked like a two chamber muffler and that's it.

I have canadian version. I am looking for an aftermarket exhaust without packing.

When you said "no packing" I thought you wanted one that was gerbil-proof. :D:):D :D :D

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