bark busters, yes or no

What's your opinion on them?

I am not using them at the moment, wern't on the bike when i got it. I went to get some, and when looking round i was told that they can break ya wrist in a crash if ya hand goes through. I hadn't heard of this happening so does anyone know of any cases? haven't broken a bone yet and would like to keep it that way.

don't know wyat to do. :D:)

:) woops, that wyat should be what. :D
:D broken wrist? I've used them for years. Have even broken a couple of sets :D Would hate to have seen my hands with those hits without the guards. just my .02 :)

Im with Jekel.

Broken wrists? :) Mabye if you use them to MX.

Chances are more likley you going to have broken hands/fingers if you are not using them trying to navagate the trees. :D

We ride a lot of tight stuff and without them the trees, branches, brush, etc. hit the clutch and brake levers and apply them for you. My brother-in-law hit a tree two years ago and bent his left Acerbis Rally Pro guard back about one and a half inches from the handlebar. We feel he would have had some serious hand damage without them. Evaluate the terrain you ride and base your decision on that. :)

I say get them. They also protect your levers from bending or breaking in the event you should lay it over.

Okay then where do you buy them??? Local dealer does'nt have them. Any suggestions??

Bob :D:):D :D


I would use them if you like your fingers. Plus they protect the clutch perch and front brake M/C which is worth more than a good set of handgards. I would also consider the handgards that have plastic spilers, they are great for deflecting small branches and brush. I have used Answer "Bark Busters" in the past but I now use Acerbis Rally Pro and in my opnion they are far soperior in fit and mounting strength. If you have 1 1/8" bars you will need different bar clamps. Hope this helps. Good luck in your search, I hope you never have to put the handgards to a test!!!

Yes, they are worth having. I have ridden with them for years and will continue to do so to protect my hands and the levers. It can be ugly if a branch hits your front brake lever and locks the front wheel momentarily (ouch, I still remember that one hurt!). They pay for themselves in savings on bent/broken levers too.

I have a hard time imagining a wreck where they would break a wrist, but agree with MOmilkman, maybe in MX.


Bark busters are a very worth while investment. Try they have pretty good prices. As for the broken wrist story? Sure it could happen, but I've never seen one yet.

When you get your hand guards (which you really should) make sure when you install them that they are pointing slightly downward. I could see how someone could possibly hurt thier hand or wrist if they went over the bars and thier barkbusters were tilted upwards, higher than the level of the grips.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Hanguards are the first thing I'd put on my bike. You'll have plenty of opportunity to break your hands without them if you ride it like it's stolen. I have always used and prefer the Enduro Engineering bark busters with hand guards. The bark busters protect against the bad stuff and the hand guards keep branches from whacking your knuckles, which sucks. The hand guards also keep some of :usa:the cold off in colder weather.

With out them I would be buying new levers every weekend :):D I fall alot :D :D

Just want to echo everyone else's sentiment here. I've got the Acerbis Rally Pros, with the blinker light assembly, and they're valuable for all the reasons stated above.

The danger (very slight) in having these on the bike is for when you endo and for some reason continue to hold onto the bars :) (personally, I push "off" the bars to get the hell away from the thing), your hands and wrists could become "caught" in the guards - hence, the broken wrist scenario. Never known anyone that this has happened to, but I've heard the warnings from quite a few people.

Overall, I think that the additional protection they afford your hands and your bars/levers significantly outweigh the small risk. My Acerbis guards fit great, and seem extremely strong for plastic without aluminum reinforcement.

Go get 'em!! :D

You can always go bust a 250.00 brake perch assy and then kick yourself for not spending 30 bucks for aluminum handguard protection beforehand.

My hands and wallet would look much different if I skimped on this.

I would defintitely get them. Even if you're not hitting trees, it doesn't take too hard of a fall to break a clutch or brake lever. It happend to me once, broke a clutch lever about 5 miles from the truck. Didn't have a spare with me. Fortunately you can shift w/o, but replacing the lever cost $20 for cheap aftermarket. You can get Moose Racing bark busters for $40. That's what I've got. They're great!

I always put a set on my bikes. As well as saving your hands and levers from bashing, they are nice in the cold and rain to keep warm (we have a lot of rain here). I buy mine through They have a few different brands. About $35 with spoilers for the cheapest (I have them on my XR400 and CRF230 and they work well).

This picture and mail is from a fellow rider from XR650 list at yahoogroups. I use alumin guards and they have helped me many times, however looking on this picture makes me think twice... :)

"I had alluminium handlebar on my XR600 two years ago and hit a broken trunk hiden in the grass, I flew over but my wrist got stocked between the grip and the "f´kng" alluminium.

Alex (Argentina)"


[@#$%&*!] can happen with or without bark busters! Go with the bark busters they are worth every penny! :)

Use your search engine and look for bike parts. Dealer markup is somewhere around 100%. I've used Bob's alot with no problems. Don't let anyone tell you the mail order places only sell blems or seconds, thats B.S. I buy stuff mail order all the time with no problems. Some stuff you don't save on because of freight, but big stuff can save you a bundle. Plus, you don't have to wait for you dealer to call you when your parts come in. Normaly, if I order something on mon or tues, I have it before the weekend. The only time I ever got a scare from my guards is from a high-side. As my hand came away from the bar (in a high-side, you are tossed off the side of the bike) the guard took my glove off. Big deal. They have saved me a fortune in levers/ broken fingers. You have to keep an eye on your throttle tube, it tends to get dirty more from the open end. The only real drawback I've ever noticed from riding with hand guards is, you get used to using them to bang your way through the tough stuff,then, when you are riding a bike without them, you fall back on habit and notice how badly every bike needs them, I have more than a few cuts and scrapes on my fingers from the plactic chairs in my yard that I use for course markers (XR50, everybody should have one!). I now tend to bang things out of the way, or cut much closer to them. Watch 'em fly! (we go through a lot of chairs, I tell my wife it's from her fat sisters). Buy 'em, you won't regret it. Anyway, when you break a long bone in your arm, they usually heal very well. Fingers get wonkey very easily. Take it from me, I've had both. Scars are cool, crooked fingers just look.....old. :D:)

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