Arm Pump Bluez Part 2

I'd like to thank you guys for all the good advice about reducing arm pump. I will start wieght lifting bananas into my mouth and then chugging massive amounts of water before a ride. :) Seriously, it was all good advice.

Has anyone tried any of these handlebar vibration reduction devices out there? Did you think they were worth the time and money?



If you really have a problem with vibration, Yes they do work. There are many ways to knock the vibes down on your bars. I see bar snake is back in business they are ok. They make a kit for oversize bars. It's not actually a weighted rubber snake like the standard one, but a kit, more like rubber snake poo. you mix it and put it into the bars. The weights that fit into the ends of your bars work pretty good. I used to mix fine lead shot with RTV and fill my bars with it. that worked good. you don't have to fill your bars all the way to get decent results, just about 6 to 8 inches. use very small shot or it will rattle loose in your bar. put a large glob of RTV in first, and last to seal it. Kind of a pain unless you have the materials laying about. One of the main causes of excess vibes though, is loose motor mounts. Check and torque them. I've seen them improperly torqued on brand new bikes. My new wr had a loose one. Poorly jetted bikes will vibe more too. Happy wrenchin'! :)

The problem with flex bars is, they only flex in one direction, down. If you push them down, they have to come back up. When they come back up, they hit a stop. How much of the banging will you feel? I had a flex stem on my mountain bike about ten years ago that did pretty much the same thing. It took away a little of the really sharp stuff, but didn't help a whole lot overall. And It had an elastomer on top too (a much stiffer one). I've ridden a lot of bikes that were vibe monsters (H.D. sportsters, Parallel twins, BIG singles that weren't counter balanced) and the only thing that ever really worked was to damp the vibes with some kind of bar weights. Thats why you see them on so many street bikes now. They started on sport bikes because their clip on bars were so short they did not help at all. Now, it's rare to see any street bike without them. You can get rubber mounted bars, they should kill a little of the vibe, but, they tend to feel a little vague. Every one I know with rubber mounts, switched the rubber bushings out with billet ones. Before I shelled out the kind of cash they want for the flex bars, I would do much research into them. Find someone (not associated with fastco) who has used them for a while and see what they think. Or better yet, ride them yourself. Some people won't tell you they made a very expensive mistake. The mountain bike flex stem came and went, they were relatively cheap. You could end up with a very expensive ornament for your garage wall. Good luck. :)

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