Which Is Right For You! Nice Read...

OOPS :) my mistake, the starter on my 450 is at the rear of the cyclinder, I havent been able to ride much do to a broken collarbone.

I got to ride a YZ450, the thing is like a CR500, I was on a MX track and was still intimidated. I picked my WR450 up 1 1/2 weeks ago and got to race it this last weekend. There is no way it pulls like a YZ, thank god. I can't imagine holding on to that YZ for a whole enduro, I would end up part of the landscape.

Uncork it, rejet it (includinding the needle), lighten her a bit (lights, and kickstand removed), and it will rip just like the YZF450. Of course the YZF is lighter, but the WR can still be made to run close to the same.

There is actually different cam timing for the two machines and a heavier flywheel on the WR. I had thought about getting the YZ cam, so my timing would be the same. Did that on my 2000 WR400 (cam timing that is) and loved it. I have no desire to have YZ450 power on my WR450. The power on the WR is great for the designed purpose. At the end of a 100 mile enduro I don't want to have to try and control the YZ "hit".

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