buying a yz450f

I found a brand new 06 yz450f for 4730 otd and a 08 for 5300 otd... do these prices seem high or is it just me?

What should I be paying? They say they're already losing money at those prices, but what should I get them down to?

They're high, and so is the guy asking for them. :busted:

Actually, $5300 for the '08 isn't too bad, but '09's have been sold for near that. Remember that the taxes vary from one state to the next when you make comparisons here, and if you don't pay tax on an out of state purchase (or sometimes, even if you do), you may still have to pay your state taxes when you register it at home.

I can empathize with the dealer on the '06, and it is brand new and all, but let's be realistic: I paid $3200 for mine about two years ago with only two rides on it. I know he's losing money, but maybe if he'd have cut his price back a little, he'd have sold it for a small profit a long time ago.

The place i bought my YZ250 at still has an 06 for about that price, $4700 or $4800 i think. You obviously can find a very nice bike for less money, but it is nice to have the new bike feeling, but you do pay for it. It's a smaller shop that sells more side bys and boats than bikes, but in spring of 07 they had an 06 250 and that same 06 450. I got the 250 but even then they were gonna let the 450 out the door for around $5000. I know someone that works there and from what i understand at $4700 they are breaking even. But i'm not sure

I bought a 08 in So Cal in June for 5K OTD then my friend goes out and gets a 09 for 5150 OTD, also a So Cal dealership. Take it for what it's worth.

I would go with the 08 the resale will be just a little bit better when you go to upgrade again.

Shop around, you can get it cheaper. I paid $5326 for a 2009 450 limited. I bought out of state so no tax

Shop around, you can get it cheaper. I paid $5326 for a 2009 450 limited. I bought out of state so no tax
If you had bought that into CA, it would have cost you another $412.77 on top of your reg fees, making it $5738.77 plus the $50 ORV tag.

Like I said, things vary state to state.

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