Starter and Kill Switch

Picked up the bike in Feb, after removing throttle stop, the bike absolutely rips!!! I was wondering if anyone had a problem with the Starter or Kill Switch breaking on a normal fall. I ride it like I stole it but the fact of the matter is each switch seems to be quite delicate.:) Sorry for snivelin' Any feedback much appreciated

I think they stick out farther and are easily snagged. I got up over the front of the bike during a hill climb and the kill switch snagged on one of the vent holes in my chest protector and ripped the red plastic piece out. I found it on the trail and kept it in hopes of repairing it. I ended up buying one like the 02 WR426...flatter and more surface area for pushing and I can't snag it on anything. I was able to repair the switch and I now use it for the horn. :)

After a long ride two weekends ago I went home and washed the bike. I wanted to fire it up to blow out any water that may of got into the exhaust and engine and the dang little grey button was gone out of my starter switch. The spring was still there just hanging out. I probably blew the button off with the water hose.

So I took a little 20a buss fuse, broke the glass out of it, turned it over and stuck it in the nice little rubber boot of the switch. It fits perfectly, and looks pretty cool all shiny. I did a 65 mile Gran prix style desert race last weekend and it stayed in place beautifully. I'll get a new switch eventually, but until then I have a shiny chrome starter button.

I also need one of those cool exhaust plugs when I wash the bike. For those of you that were going to say something about that.

On day one, my WR450 starter button fragged all over the garage. I went straight back to the dealer and we installed a kill switch off a late model Yamah ATV ($8). It cloases the circuit just like the OEM starter switch and is bullet proof. It even plugged right in to the connector behind the headlight. Never going back to stock.

Haven't seen these cool exhaust plugs for washing but I use a cool Ziploc and rubberband. :)

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