99 YZ400 Clutch

What type of clutch and/or modifications would you recommend when replacement time comes for my stock clutch? I'm just about out of adjustment at the base of the cable.


It depends what style of a rider you are. If you ridew trails I would highly recommend a recluse clutch system, if you can afford it. It will improve your overall performance on trails enormously. If you ride tracks however I would recommend a stock clutch sytem or a clutch basket and com[ponents from hinson racing.

Good Luck.

~A fellow yz400 rider~

Just go with another stock yamaha clutch. They work the best.

I have a Barnette clutch in my yz400 and hate it. Super grabby when cold. like its not getting any oil. Stock clutch never did that.

Also stay away from EBC clutches. They are junk.

I dont think Rekluse offers a clutch for the older 400's

I dont think Rekluse offers a clutch for the older 400's

They do - I have one in my 99 WR400 - I'm sure the 99 YZ and WRs have the same clutch.

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