wr400 throttle stop screw info

hey guys, i have searched but to no avail.

just wondering is the suitable throttle stop screw for the mod to a wr400f the same part as required for a wr250f or does the wr use a different part number (ie from a yz400f)



Either cut the stock one down or get one for a YZ400.:busted:

the throttle stop is the little screw on the right side of the carb correct? How much do you shave off it so the throttle will open more?

I strongly suggest you buy a YZ stop screw. If you are not sure what you are doing, a mistake can be a real headache.

A search here and on the wr250F forum will yield many pictures and details of how to change/cut it. But I suggest just doing it right and get the YZ screw.

I understand what to do and how to do it, i was just unsure if the throttle stop screw is the same on a yz250 and a yz400 (the yz250 part no is the only one listed in the above mentioned faq page), didnt wanna order the 250 part number if it is different to the 400 part.

S/B the same part but I suggest ordering one for a YZ450 instead.

I've seen the 450 throttle screw and it is nothing like the on my 400. It's not a screw it's more like a stud; one end is threaded, there's a hex in the middle and the other end is plain (no threads).

I went to the dealer and wasn't able to get one for a YZ so I ended up triming it. Best thing to do is creep up on it. You can cut it too short if your are not careful.

I just removed it and my bike finally woke up. I haven't had any issues with it out at all. I really don't think that you need it at all. Some people say the carb may stick open, but the throttle cable always makes it return in my experience. Take it out and go for a test ride and you will be blown away.

Yes the slide will stop when it reaches the top of the carb, but the bottom of the slide will also be above the throttle opening. This obviously is not optimum. If you are running at wide open a lot you might want to put in the stop, otherwise your probably OK.

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