how do you fix a 1999 Yamaha YZ400F with a locked up engine??

I'm looking to repair this bike!!!

That would depend on what is locked up.

First step would be to read a manual and open it up and take a look.

You didn't provide much information as to what is locked up though.

If the kickstart wont budge the first thing to do would be pull the valve cover and take a look in there.

Yes, we need more info. What were the symptoms before it shut down? Does it have oil or water? Does it have oil in the water? Tell us a story and we can help you out.

proboly something in the head,cylinder,or crank or all. my 426 just skipped timming and a valve broke and hit the piston. that locked mine up

I'm looking to repair this bike!!!

Honestly, unless you just have money to burn, chances are the repairs are going to exceed the value of the bike. In great shape, around here, a '99 400 is worth maybe $1500. They're great bikes, don't get me wrong, but seriously obsolete when compared to the 450's $-$. I've seen clean 450's for as little as $1900.

I'd part it out and upgrade......

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