Newbie question....hate to ask but;

Been lurking for a couple of months. Wife let's me buy a bike after putting my YZ490 to pasture when Hanah & DeCoster ruled MX.

Grey Wire - I thought I could do this in my sleep after reading all the posts. 2000 WR400, last night I cut the grey wire as it comes up from the frame into the 2-piece connector & siliconed off the ends. Afterwords I wondered if I should have cut between the connector & the black box(cdi box?) Does it matter? Sorry to beat a dead horse, but could someone confirm? Afterwards I fired it up to make sure I didn't do anything bad and ran it up the street. Since it was 1:00am & the bike is uncorked, I didn't think the neighbors would appreciate me rolling on it very hard. Does this mod make the bike a bit more snappy?

Also by buddy bought an 02' WR426, that thing is scary fast! Anyway I can make mine stand on it's tail with a with a flick of the throttle like his?

You guy's have been a killer wealth of info. Just hope that Yamakaze guy doesn't beat me for bringing up the grey wire again!


i believe your supposed to cut it above the black connector. but i may be wrong. I dont think the gray wire makesd a ton of difference. YOu want a difference then YZ time it. And put a carbon fiber air box in it. Yes your bike will stand up on end like your buddies. I have a nicely tuned 400 and i actually like it better then my friends 426. But that was just me. Good luck with the bike your gonna love it.

Chris L. :)


I do not know th answe to your question, but I am glad to see that I was not the only one up after midnight working on my bike. Time just flies doens't it!!

Sunnymex - you live in fun is that!

I figure a guy needs some "alone" time with his bike! It did make me feel better when I ran it down the road & saw my nieghbor working on his Polaris Predator in his garage.

No, it doesn't matter where you cut it. most people (me inc) just remove it from the plug with a small screwdriver. Both the blue wire (on a 450) and the grey wire go to the same place(ground). it's an alternate ign map. When I cut mine it did make it a little snappier, it seemed to pick up revs faster from mid up. :)

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