Enclosed Trailers - Need advice...

OK, given that I'm moving to MN and need some extra space to carry boxes, etc., I need a new enclosed trailer! (Love how you can justify purchases like this...) :)

Been looking at an Interstate 6'x12' enclosed trailer @ Classic Trailer in Wheatridge. Has a side door and a spring assisted rear ramp door, light, and vents. Seems that I could fit atleast 2 bikes and an ATV in there, but not sure. Definitely 3 bikes and gear if arranged correctly. And a single sled by itself sometime down the road (moving to MN after all!)...

Question #1: with this size trailer (6x12), can I fit the things listed above in there without a problem?

Also, I'm looking for advice/feedback on this trailer or any others that are out there. This one's a bit more than I wanted to spend ($3500), but it's a heavier-duty fab than the "Journeyman" model (some other manufacturer - short name - cant remember - Pace?) that I looked at and seemed nicer overall.

Question #2: Interstate vs. Pace? vs. other models? Pricing of each? Durability?

After I pick the trailer, the next input I would be looking for are suggested mods to the interior (floor, wheel chocks, surround sound media center, etc.) and exterior (spare tire obviously, etc.).

Question #3: Suggested mods? Suggested options?

Thanks in advance for helping me spend money that my wife otherwise will for me! :D


If you shop around you should be able to find a tandum axle 7x7x17 trailer. I got my 7x7x20 Trailer for $3,200 brand new. I can haul 3 bikes and an ATV in mine. You would be able to fit an ATV and 2 bikes in a 12 foot trailer but it would be very tight, with gear bags, fuel cans and the like.

This is what my trailer looked like when I first bought it...Notice the ATV in the left front.


Bonzai :)

Figure out what size trailer you will need......and then buy the NEXT SIZE UP.

(Mine is a 7 x 14 Pace Tandem Axle for 4 bikes)

Good Luck


YAMAKAZE, where did you get that cabinet in the upper left side of your trailer? Did you make or buy?


I have a 6x12 that fits 4 bikes and toolbox with room to spare..We mounted 4 bike shoes at an angle to get 4 slots easily.

Someday I'll buy a trailer so I can stop putting my bike in the trunk of my wifes car. :)

Found a 6x14 enclosed trailer for $200 over cost. Seems like a screamin' deal.

So do you think that I could fit 2 sleds in it if I faced one forward and backed one in (someday when I buy them)? Not these mountain longtrack monsters...but rather the 8-9' variety?

Please advise...


LarryCO.. you're moving to MN on purpose?

I have a friend who had a 6x14 trailer. Enough room for 4 bikes and gear, no problem.

I have a 6x12 and I've gotten 4 bikes and gear, but it's jammed. I can carry

3 bikes and gear no problem.

As far as accessories, try these sites:

www.blazinbelltech.com : Great door organizers.

www.pitpal.com : Got some nice hangers and gas can racks from them.

www.modulinecabinets.com : Pricey but nice cabs..


There's two cabinets on my left wall. I got them from and Office Cubicle that my company was getting rid of when we did a furnature upgrade a couple of years ago.

Bonzai :)


I've been looking around for a 6 x 12 also. The dealer I checked out carried Continental Cargo trailers and for a 6 x 12, barn door, side door, 6'3" interior height, 15" wheels and torsion bar suspension, $2850 or $2650 for 14" wheels, straight axle and leaf springs.


Well, I ended up buying that Interstate 6x14...felt like I got a good deal with all of the extras they through in.

Now my next series of questions...let's talk floors and paint. I see there being a couple of options...using some sort of polypropylene paint mixture and/or paint mixed with fine sand on the floors/part way up the wall. Any ideas on what works well? Want to be able to spray out the crap with a garden hose from time to time, and now have the floor turn into a skating rink when wet... :)

Thx in advance!


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