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As I live in Idaho and ride desert races, MX, and mountain trail rides, the close ratio gearbox on my 26 is not the ideal setup.

In talking with Yamaha, I found that I could simply have gears from the WR-400 installed if I so desired.

When riding MX, I start in 3rd and pretty much go between there and 4th, with a small amount of 2nd thrown in.

For desert it is 5th, and I can't remember thinking "Dang, I'm just not going fast enough".

But Trail Riding is another animal.

So I bought a 1st and 2nd gear set for a WR400 and am having it installed. I figure along with my flywheel weight that I can put on and off, and my new handlebar mounted hot start button I will have the ideal all-around bike.

The whole gear change is gonna run $600 including labor. Some of it is surprising costs such as rings and head gasket $70, and some other expensive gastkets.

I'll let y'all know how it turns out. I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to make one bike work for more than one type of riding.


Mike Hetrick

'00 426

'99 Ducati Monster

'73 Kawasaki H1

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You go man!! I posted a similar option on another site, without much positive response. The way I see it, most wr owners seem to convert to the yz set up. Why not change all of the yz internals to wr gears and have the light weight of the 400/426 and the awesome ratios all wr owners seem to love. Hope it works for you, please post your findings.

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