OT Weather and Coyotes!!!! I'm going crazy here!!!

The weather here is driving me nuts. Last Sunday we got around 10" of snow just as all my sheep were starting to lamb. I had lambs in the truck, by the fireplace, and anywhere else I could find to warm them up. Then by Thurs. it was in the 80's and I took a long enough break to ride the BRP. I found some really good singletrack that I hadn't been on before and life was good. Then this past Sunday and Monday it is super cold again with over an inch of ice frozen over everything. Calves and lambs freezing everywhere and today it is snowing like crazy. Around 1:00 AM this morning I was going out to feed the orphaned lambs and a coyote was about 25 yards from my house. It had killed 3 of my best lambs and took off before I could get a shot. I was carrying milk bottles, rifle, and spotlight so my hands were full. Tonight will be different if Mr. coyote returns. I need a vacation. Maybe some of those big honking Baja lights and a mount for the AK47 on the BRP is the ticket. Sorry for the rant. :)

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