Found a good use for the stock WR450F

A buddy and I just bought 09 WR450s.

I'm a fairly seasoned rider (lots of desert racing here and in Oz, a little MX and SM and some roadracing), so uncorking the bike before I even started it was a natural.

My buddy got enthused from my jabbering on about how much fun off-roading is. He went out and bought an 09 WR450 on my recommendation. Never ridden a day in his life. Very good mountain bike rider but never touched a throttle or clutch. Recommended the 450 because once the skills have matured the WR250 would have probably been a little boring for him. He's an adreniline junkie like myself.

I was a little worried about his lack of skills and so decided to teach him the basics by running clutch, throttle and braking drills while the bike was still corked up. Good move as the power is not intimidating and I feel he progressed way quicker than he would've had I uncorked the bike for him. He's perfectly happy with the power right now and wants to continue riding it as it currently is for the next couple of rides before we uncork it.

So, maybe there is a method to Yamah's madness. Worked for my buddy.



The plugged up 450 is truly beginner fast.

has he taken your uncorked bike for a spin yet....

to me I think the throttle stop was an unatural feeling

He has not taken mine for a ride. Wouldn't let him.

As I said, I had him work on clutch, throttle and brake control. Didn't even get the bike outta first gear. Again, he's a complete novice. It'd be foolish to turn a complete novice loose on an uncorked WR450. As a minimum the bike would get damaged. Worst case the rider could end up in hospital (or worse).

Sounds as if you already new how to use a clutch and throttle so yeah, can imagine it felt strange.


Get him to practice riding in first gear on flat ground, to learn to balance the bike.

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