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Real world WR400 vs 426 power comparison

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My buddy has a WR400 that has the cam timing changed to YZ specs. My other buddy has a stock WR (both 2000 models).

We were playing around on some hills here in Idaho and we came across a pretty good comparison of the power put out by these bikes.

On a hill I call "Big Scary" (which is right next to "Little Scary") my buddy who is a VERY good hill climber was able to clear the top on my 26 with minimal effort. On his modified WR he came about 40 yards short. (All distances are just estimates)

He said before he changed the timing he did not get that far. He declined to ride the stocker.

When I ride the two bikes, I find the difference in power, and especially the TYPE of power to be interesting.


Mike Hetrick

'00 426

'99 Ducati Monster

'73 Kawasaki H1

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