Will a wr450 fit in a mini-van

I hope none of you own a rental car dealership. But I am going to have spend 2 months away from home. :) I need a one way rental and thought hey If I get a mini-van I can stuff my bike in the back and ride while I'm In Training....

I would think it would fit. :) You could rent a full size van from uhaul for probaly the same as the minivan.It would fit in there for sure. :D

My buddy used to haul his XR600 around in the back of his Chevy Astro cargo van all the time. It fit with no problem, with enough room left over for another bike. If you can rent one of these Chevy's it would be your best bet, everything else is smaller - more like big station wagons than real vans.

BTW - does anyone remember those groovy 70's vans? Shag on the dash, tear-drop side windows,Cragar chrome wheels, 8-track players, rear window louvers and quilted vinyl everywhere inside. Now those were REAL vans :) !

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I know several people that use Astro/Safari (GMC/Chevy) mini vans all the time. They have to roll the bars back for that extra little bit of clearance. I have a Caravan and I would have to take a few things off of my bike to fit. I'm in the market for a Asto van right now just for that purpose! :)

try compressing your front forks with tie downs looped around the bottom of the fork. I use this system until I bought a truck

I carry my WR450 in an 4x4 87 Ford E-250 (full-size van). It barely fits in through the back door, and I mean BARELY. Inside there is plenty of room. I think the only minivan it would fit in is an Astro van. I looked into doing this last summer when I had to drive to a job in DC. If I remember right, try to rent an Astro van without the rear A/C because it is mounted over the rear doors and limits the entry clearance a couple inches. If you are traveling by yourself, renting an Astro Cargo van would be best if you could find one. (More clearance inside and no windows for passing punks to get any ideas). Good luck. If all else fails, a measuring tape and a field day to car lots selling minivans will let you know what fits in what for sure.

You are Right

I had a Dodge Tradesman 1976 extended. It had the stuff you said and more. Those were perfect for hauling my old Husky 360 wr and any friends' bike, and the beer. Nice souvenirs... :)

A friend used to use a Ford Aerostar minivan to haul his RM125 to the races. It was a cargo version, no rear seats, no carpet, double rear doors. He had to use a tie-down stap on the front to get it in the rear door, but it fit just fine.

Why dont you rent a pickup truck? It would definately fit in then.

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