Yamaha display.....Sand Sports Super Show

Hey guys I went to the Sand Sports Super Show today and got to see both all new yamaha motocross bikes in the yamaha booth. Both bikes look great in person, well over all they do. I still can't stand the side panels on the 250f they are horrid. The 450 does take some getting used to because it looks so different than most bikes. I am not liking the fenders but that's not a big deal. Also not crazy about the openness of the shock/ exhaust area, but looks aren't everything I know that. I am just talking about looks as I have never ridden it obviously. The motor also will take some getting used to as the placement of the cylinder looks odd in person as well, but again that's just because we are all used to the norm. The new plastics look awesome! I am digging the black areas that have the raised pattern on them those look so good. I am kind of disapointed in the new frames yamaha has produced, the welds and angles on them just don't look as clean as the other 3 brands with these types of frames but they still look good. The muffler does not look huge as some have said, looks standard other than the 08 YZ and the 09 CR.

On a side note they also had a YZ250 there an 09 I believe that had every GYTR part made for it plus some other cool aftermarket goodies totaling $3500. That bike looked like a dream, though it had tons of aftermarket parts it was not overdone, looked closer to stock than you would think. In other words it was not all blinged out.

The YZ250 was the best looking bike there! :busted:

I wish I brought my camera so I could have taken some pics.......doh!:thumbsup:

i thought the 250f was wierd at first but after seeing it again it looks great. and the 450 is just so sweet. theres so many amazing things that they did. i cant wait for it to come out so i can get it.

I went Friday night to the show. We had stopped by the Yamaha display. Though it was cool to see the new thumpers, the YZ 250 smoker really caught my eye. It looked really cool with all the add ons.

yeah i saw that thing today! looking really nice. i want to get one but then again to me a getting a new DB is kinda a waste since i only use mine in the summer and maybe a little in the winter. i use my quad more. but that yz250 was looking clean. even my pops wanted to get one!

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