WR450F '08 Speedometer remote

Looking at the wiring of the WR450F 2008, there is a connector foreseen that apparently controls the 3 buttons on the speedometer (SLCT1, SLCT 2 and RST).

I checked on the bike and the connector exists but is not attached to anything.

HAs anyone ever used this connector to build or connect a handlebar remote for the mutli-function display ? Does Yamaha sell such a remote ?

Seems strange that this option is there but not used nor documented

Why would you want to?

The use of a handlebar remote to control a tripmaster or IMO (and most of the time also the roadbook holder) is typcial for motorbikes used for rally-raid. It gives the driver the opportunity to cycle through the odometers, and reset + cycle to the next roadbook instruction, without having to take the hands of the handlebars (and without stopping)

www.touratech.com is specialised in this kind of equipment, and I have their roadbook holder, but it seems a waste to buy an expensive IMO when I could use the standard speedo from the yamaha.

I'm doing a rally-raid in Tunisia next year so I am in the process of modifying my bike for Rally-Raid (larger tank, radiator and eingine guards, GPS, Roadbook holder, IMO,etc...)

Yes Yamaha sells a remote handlebar mount for it. Go to their site and look at the accessories for the wr.

Yes Yamaha sells a remote handlebar mount for it. Go to their site and look at the accessories for the wr.

Don't see it listed. I'd be interested too. Great for dual sport events.

I checked th US, global, Canada and Europe yamaha web sites and can't find it either.

Can you post the hyperlink to where you saw it ?


OK, found it. The part number is GYT-5TJ98-30-00

Apparently some websites like bikbandit and cyclebuy still sell it.


FYI, if you Google the part number, you can find all the sites that list it and do comparitive pricing.

Here is a picture of what it looks like


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