My wife thinks I'am obsessed with dirt bikes

I don't know how my wife could think I'am obsessed with dirt bikes. Just because I have at least a hundred magazines under the bed and keep going through them over and over, and won't throw them away "just in case" and when we go for a ride in the car, she see's the beautiful secenery while all I see is places that would be neat to ride the on. And every time a truck or trailer goes by with a dirt bike on it I almost wreck the car checking it out and just have to comment if it was cool or not. And just because I can spend hours in the local motorcycle shop just looking and not really buy anything, and just because I can't remember who the last president was, but can remember who won the supercross or Hare & hound back in 1989 she thinks I'am obsessed. Oh sure I'll sit in my garage and just stare at my bike for an hour or so but I'am just trying to think if there's something I've missed. And sure every t-shirt I own has some type of name on it like Thor, Fox, FMF, or Pro Circut, does that make me obsessed? :) I think not. She says there is only two things I think about, Dirt Bikes and you guys know what the other is, and I say thats not true some times I think about food. She thinks its sad that I'am now in my fiftys and I've been doing this for about forty five years now, but I think its just normal behavior, what do you guys think?

You sound perfectly normal to me. (if your looking for a support group, then look no further :D)

Would she rather you be out bar hopping every night as your hobby? I think not.

Give her that to chew on! :D:)

...and your point is?

Just remember, that other only lasts mere minutes and a dirt bike ride can last for hours or even days.

My fiance wanted me to give suggestions on what color to paint the house and I said Yamaha blue with factory graphic scheme on the doors. I'm thinking old Yamaha yellow for the trim? What do you think? :)

You sound like a normal well adjusted person to me. I have no idea what she could be refering to. Does'nt everone do what you are refering to????? I do, but then I am older and who is going to tell me that I can't????



You sound normal and well-adjusted to me. I'm guessing you are well educated and intelligent too.

Doesn't your wife see the abnormal men around who are into strange things like golf, NASCAR and dare I say "work"? We may have a Beezer on TT (I always get a kick out of your posts dude), but at least I haven't heard of a Bubba posting about what part of the porch to put the "friderator" on so his beer is close to his hound dog and George Jones 8-tracks (not that there is anything wrong with that). Better bike magazines than other magazines that shall remain nameless.

Carry on my friend and keep up the good work! We are here for you if you need us.


my wife thinks the same about me...i don't get it! :)

You're OK. Today my wife and were driving and she noticed the Harley rider next to us at a stop light.

She asked, "Why don't you get leather pants like that guy ?". I replied, "It's a sissy street bike". She then asked, "What's the difference between that bike and yours (e.g., uncorked, unwired, YZ cammed WR450) ?.

I didn't bother to explain. She wouldn't understand. By the way, I was taking her to Hobby Lobby "just to look" at the new yarn they got in.

I must be from Mars. :)

My wife fully supports me! :D I told her my X-wife didn't like the money I spent on my dirt bikes. :)


My wife is almost as sick about them as me! :) She got home at 11:30pm last night and put on her new pants then snuck into the garage to try out her new bike after I shaved the seat foam for her and put new handguards on it. I was half asleep but I thought I heard, vroom,vroom noises for the garage. :D

Your wife talks and you actually listen?

I have learned to almost totally tune my wife out.

I only hear what I want to hear.

I'm as bad as he is! (maybe worse) I want to learn to do all my own maintenance - 'cuz no one lives forever & what happens if I alone!


I like to call them "Street Queens", because it seems they are all dressed up and looking for a parade...

Funny point about the "Hobby Lobby"!

My GF rides, and lets me go about when ever I want, but when we go to the store, and I bee-line for the magazine section, she asks if I will be buying more "moto-porn?"

YRichey,I think a quick rundown of some alternative obsessions most of which are illegal, more expensive or involves sex with someone other than your wife.......and I bet the subject won't come up again. In fact each time you load up the bike she will be happy.

Relax you are as normal as they come. :)

Brandon, moto-porn - gotta love it. I do the same thing at the grocery store. I tell my wife I don't wabt a street bike because it's too dangerous. She gives that good boy look. If she only knew.

Just dirt bikes? My wife says I've got "Moto-Madness", An obsession for all things motorcycle. I have dirt bike, Super-motard, British street bike, Euro vintage, American vintage, Harley Davidson, sport bike, and modern street bike magazines all over the house! I have twin boys and guess what? It's hereditary!!! I tell her, "Motorcycles are a gift from God himself and we should enjoy them at every opportunity!!" :D :D :D :D :):D :D :D :D P.S. Did you see the post with the IT 465h? I cried.(sorry guys).

Would she rather you be obsessed with drinking, drugs, other women, skydiving, etc.?

How to get that new 7000.00 dirt bike your wife says you don't need; take her to the dealership to look at another $10,000 street bike! I ride Harleys too, but I do not own one stitch of Village People riding gear. I have a very hard time riding anywhere without almost falling off of my bike with laughter at some of the outfits these guys are wearing! :D:) By the way, the sticker on the back of my (street bike) helmet says "F__k off, I ride alone". I originally got it because I got tired of picking up squids on sport bike rides and seeing them crash and almost take somebody with them. I have one now because I can't ride with some of these Harley clowns without starting a fight.(sometimes the outfit just BEGS to be ridiculed) :D I thought Jesse James said it best when he said that he didn't want to go to Sturgis anymore because of the Bars full of Village people! :D :D

I thought if I let my wife read this post, she would see that I am as normal as you guys. You know, like Im not the only one obsessed with bikes. :) Well everything was going good until she read brett-h's post about drinking, and other women. Then she looked over and gave me the evil eye. :D Isn't it amasing how women never forget anything? :D:D

Your ok. If it is like my house, point to the endless catalogues that arrive in the mail.

Tell her you could be collecting Hustler's??? Heck, I get the same type of treatment at home.

Dont say the Hustler thing. You'll regret it. I do.

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