My wife thinks I'am obsessed with dirt bikes

YamahaRichey,You are completely normal.

The "sitting in my garage & staring at my bike for an hour or so".......... :D I do that,but I look around to make sure no one is watching me.If my wife should happen to come into the garage and ask "watcha doing honey?" I always respond with the universal spousal reply, "nuthin" :)

I have a special chair in my garage.. just for "staring".

i have dirt bike magazines dating back to 1972.

i told my wife before we got married, that bikes were a huge part of my life that i wasnt going to give up. she understands, theres alot worse things i could be doing.

yes.. i'm addicted, and theres no way in hell i ever want to be cured. :)

i'm sure we're no more obsessed with our bikes as they are of there soap operas. :)

My wife doesn't understand " A bike so beautiful it makes your chest ache". She doesn't see the beauty in polished aluminum cases or side covers on old brit bikes. I also have a staring chair. She thinks I'm nuts because every time I go into the garage, I look at that little XR and giggle. If you guys don't have one, you must get one. I have a pretty small yard and I ride it almost every day. I've ground down the sides of every pair of shoes I own doing laps around my driveway. :)

Sunday, I rode an off-road poker run with my wife :) On the way home we had to stop at Hobby Lobby :D Give and take and yes I need those magazines :D

You guys are definately weird , I mean you just sit in the garage and stare at your bikes? cmon thats weird.

Now, drinking beer and staring at your bikes , Thats what Im talking about! :)


I wanna be like you when/if I grow-up! :)

Welcome to the crowd! I am 52 years old and still feel like a kid around these things. After 40 years of riding, if I could change one thing it would be to have ridden more! Now, I'm trying to make up for lost time. :)

Exactly. :lol:lucky for her that that stack of magazines under your bed aint xxx in nature.......or are they there

Before I go to work every morning I peek in the garage just to see my bike... :)


me too and after work also :)

Pmaust, your so right. It never leaves the system, does it.

I was told not to ride again due to back injuries. I listened for about 10 years, then decided..."screw it"

Perhaps someday I will have to stare at the bike from a wheelchair, but it beats not riding.

My wife knows that i am obsessed :)

My wife knew I was obsessed with all motorcycles before we got married. I told her I'd give her a ring as long as I could get another bike. She said as long as I get to pick it that's fine. After 7 years of marriage, she's pretty tired of them.

I've got 3 sons, ages 7 months, 3 and 5 1/2 and I bought a 50cc for the oldest when he was 8 months old and I'd ride around the yard with him. She thought I was crazy but went along with it anyway.

She also gives me crap about making up excuses for going to the store just to ride one of my bikes. Anything just to start them up and motor around. I even get the mail on my son's XR50, why walk if you can ride? :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The Speed Channel has probably accelerated her dislike for motorcycles more than the actual sport. She hates the foreign guys voices and the constant "drone" of the race engines. I think they sound great, especially with a good beer!

OBVIOUSLY there are an unbelievable large amount of narrow minded, obstinate, selfish women out there. :)

And, they are no fun either.

How can looking at antique furniture and jewelry :D EVEN COMPARE to riding a bike. I mean C'MON ALREADY!!! Get a life!!

And cheers :D to drinking a Sam Adams, sitting in a lounger and looking at my bikes (WR and XR50R)!!

I just came in from playing with the kids in the yard. My wife asked me why I smelled like smoke. (Started the WR, let it warm up, turned it off. Started the Xr, warmed up, turned off. Started the R1, let it warm up, turned it off). I told her I was in the garage with my best friends and they smoke. She said "you're weird". I said "you are a passionless twit". (Not really, you don't call a 6' German/Irish woman a twit unless you plan on sleeping in the garage with your best friends). Not that I really mind sleeping in the garage, but it's going to be 30 degrees tonight. :)

Skydiving is really cool.

Honest to god, one jump is all it takes. The most amazing activity I have ever participated in. Way better than any drug.

me too and after work also

ditto!!! :)

You and you and you...

You know who you are. You're all all a bunch of sick S.O.B.'s. I can't see how you can all spend your free time on this stupid dirtbike site. :)

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