My wife thinks I'am obsessed with dirt bikes

I've passed it on to my son. Not just dirt bikes either, anything that goes like heck :)

My wife doesn't mind though. Son and I have a Baja trip planned. Wife said that it was great. BTW, her and my daughter will be in Hawaii at the same time. :D

Mmmmmmmmm,skydiving. :)

I've been riding a long time. My first full sized dirtbike was a '68 DT250 and I can remember explaining mono-shock to people when I showed them my '76 IT400. I did very little of this posting stuff until I wrecked my '09 DRZ400 and started looking for the right parts to put her back together with. My wife thinks I'm obsessed too. It's 4:15am she's sleeping, I've been on the net about an hour. I've still got....? well time before work.

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